Friday, November 13, 2009

Gilbert Hernandez Influences: Sophia Loren and Luba

photo by Loomis Dean (c) Time Inc.
In THE COMICS JOURNAL 126 (January 1989) page 87-88 Gilbert Hernandez discusses a lot of the influences on his "Heartbreak Soup" story, including Sophia Loren and specifically her movies "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" and "Marriage Italian Style." He basically used a lot of material he had been seeing on TV and put it together with stories he'd heard from relatives that had lived in Mexico, and came up with the amazing "Heartbreak Soup" novella to start off his eternal Palomar series. Presented here are the trailer (w/striptease scene) for "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" and an amazing collection of powerful scenes from "Marriage Italian Style," both from YouTube. Loren's raw sexuality and moments of vulnerability (and anger) in the latter particularly remind me of Gilbert's Luba character. Take a look and go back and reread your early Palomar stories and see what you think!



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