Friday, September 21, 2012

Gilbert Hernandez Please Make This Crazy F***ed-up 1970s Kids Show into a Comic

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This is "Outerscope" a puppet-serial aired in the 70s during the VEGETABLE SOUP program on PBS.  I remember the later less-nightmarish version vividly, probably having buried the above version deep in my subconscious.  It was about a group of ethnically diverse kids having adventures in a spaceship they built in an old junkyard or vacant lot, can't recall exactly. What a great all-ages sci-fi, horror comic this would make if adapted into comics by Gilbert Hernandez.

According to tvrage VEGETABLE SOUP aired weekdays from September 1975 to December 1978. Here's a blog post by Nick Sagan that covers some history of VEGETABLE SOUP, "Outerscope," and, "Outerscope 2." This page from IMDBpro provides some names of, people that contributed to the VEGETABLE SOUP program.