Friday, October 21, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/24

Commentary and Criticism on Jaime in Love and Rockets New Stories 4:
"Your Wednesday Sequence 29/Jaime Hernandez" by Matt Seneca
"Go Read: The Comics Journal Profiles Jaime Hernandez" by Tom Spurgeon
"The Best: Jaime Hernandez's 'The Love Bunglers'" by Dan Nadel
"Frank Santoro and Adrian Tomine on 'The Love Bunglers'" by Frank and Adrian
"Everybody's Talking About Jaime Hernandez and Love and Rockets New Stories #4" by Sean T. Collins
"Quote of the Day: Bad Comics Are the Disease, Jaime Hernandez is the Cure" by Sean T. Collins
"You've Come a Long Way, Jaime..." by Sean T. Collins
Tom Spurgeon comments on the last article
We are taking a break see you sometime in November.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/17

ebay: Jaime t-shirt with Damachers image.
tumblr: Gilbert tagged on tumblr. w/some adult images posted.
influences: Adam Pasion cites Gilbert and Love and Rockets as influences on his art.
review: Elizabeth Bird reviews Nursery Rhyme Comics, and I was suprised to see Gilbert contributes to this one, also.
review: Ron Richards @ iFanboy reviews L&RNS 4.
review: Tony Keen @ FA Online reviews L&RNS 4.
Happy Birthday Jaime: DC Women Kicking Ass
twitter: Skyla quotes Gilbert from THE COMICS JOURNAL 178.
twitter: Skyla gives us a link to Jaime's twitter account, for us non-tweets.
twitter: Gilbert's at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, November 5.
twitter: Xavi Romiro tweet reviews the PALOMAR hardcover
twitter: @bboyspodcast find out Gilbert is nice guy, so much for his chances of getting into Curmudgeon Hall of Fame.
twitter: Aben Maler retweeted by Fantagraphics, my head is spinning.
twitter: streetecnik pictures The Girls From HOPPERS
Original Art Spotlight:
ebay: Gilbert's Iron Man 1 2
Albert Moy Comic Art: Jaime 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
twitpic: squidita posts detail of some "Death of Speedy"-era Jaime art. via FlogBlog

Monday, October 10, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/10

image via
Hispanic Heritage Month: Virginia Commonwealth University has been hosting an exhibit of Los Bros Hernandez (Mario, included) publications at their James Branch Cabell Library (it says a display case on the fourth floor, to be exact).
preview: thanks to Comics Alliance here's Jaime's (color!) contribution to First Second's NURSERY RHYME COMICS.
preview: Fantagraphics posts a story from Jaime's ESPERANZA collection on facebook.
shelf porn: Jaime's VILLAGE VOICE cover on Greg Farrell's wall courtesy CBR.
not Jaime Hernandez: I love this gruesome t-shirt design by another artist named Jaime Hernandez.
commentary: Rob Gonsalves at discusses LOVE & ROCKETS in relation to superhero comics in general and the DC 52.
APE: Eric Reynolds saw Mario Hernandez at the 2011 Alternative Press Expo.
twitter: Tom Spurgeon (Comics Reporter) tweets birthday wishes to JAIME HERNANDEZ (on 10/10 if you're reading this sometime other than today).
twitter: Here's another birthday wish for Jaime, this one from publisher Aben Maler (I can't actually read danish, so here's hoping this isn't an invoice for 52 copies of their new L&R collection).
twitter: Danish publisher Aben Maler has published a collection of Jaime's "Death of Speedy"-era stories. cover pictured above.
twitter: John Schork writes a twitter-review of Gilbert's LUBA hardcover.
twitter: Matt Seneca tweets a link to his in-depth analysis of an early Jaime story, "Hopey."
twitter: Salvador Munoz tweets a link to a very popular photo of Los Bros Hernandez (originally taken by Patrick Rosenkranz?).
Paul Gravett: this is his site for extra information on his 1001 COMICS TO READ BEFORE YOU DIE book, both Jaime and Gilbert are listed in the creators index.
"Comics, Creativity, and Culture : International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" in Iowa Spotlight:
University of Iowa page with list of all events from the CCCII weekend, includes links to five related articles.
Janice Headley presents a comprehensive rundown of events at and around the University of Iowa this past weekend.
Flickr set of pieces from the "Graphic Language: The Art and Language of Comics" exhibition at the Black Box Theatre in the Iowa Memorial Union.
Samantha Gentry of the Daily Iowan reports Thursday on the comics-related events at UofI.
Jessica Abel tweets from Iowa on October 7.
Jen Shook tweets from Jaime and Gilbert's keynote speech October 8.
more links will be posted in future "links" posts if I come across any.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/3

IOWA: A University of Iowa gallery showing of comics art, including work by Gilbert Hernandez, called "Graphic Language: The Art and Literature of Comics" is running at the Black Box Theatre at the Iowa Memorial Union, September 24-December 11. This is in conjunction with the symposium of October 6-8 "Comics, Creativity, and Culture: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" where Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are among the keynote speakers. information from here.
Here's a nicely constructed sales page, centered around Gilbert's recent books, for some enterprise called Comic Book Back Issues. I don't endorse this site (whatever it may be) but the addition of a short, old video clip of Gilbert and a picture of him signing one of his books is a nice touch.
twitter: plugs Jaime and others in STRANGE TALES II trade paperback in german twitter: Alicia K. is cryin' over Jaime's newest Locas story
twitter: Elin Bjurvald thinks Jaime is the greatest living cartoonist (add "one of the..." and I'd agree with that one)
twitter: Spandex comic (great background art, btw) says Jaime is their God. God says please buy 100 copies of L&R:NS #4 in tribute.
twitter: Francesco Ciaponi tweets a link to a BoingBoing post of Jordan Crane's silkscreen poster of Jaime's L&R cover, the post includes a ton of links to previous Jaime Hernandez-themed BoingBoing posts.
twitter: finally, some love for Gilberto, as Lost Caterpillar is rereading that great PALOMAR hardcover.
twitter: Carlos continues the praise-a-thon for Gilbert's L&R:NS #4 and CITIZEN REX collection.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jack Jackson's American History Part 2: Hall of Fame

I was so excited about the new Fantagraphics Books Jack Jackson reprint series that I completely overlooked the fact Mr. Jackson was elected by judge's choice into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame along with Ernie Bushmiller, Lynd Ward, and Mart Nodell (the judges for the Eisner Awards in 2011 were Ned Cato, Karen Green, Andy Helfer, Rich Johnson, and Chris Powell). The induction ceremonies for these, and the other four generally-elected members, were at Comic-Con International just a few short months ago. Mr. Jackson's son, Sam, is reported to have accepted the honor for his late father.
Past Eisner Hall of Fame inductees from the underground comix scene are: Robert Crumb (1991) and Art Spiegelman (1999). That's it unless you want to count Vaughn Bode (2006) or Harvey Pekar (2011).
image via (c)2011 Comic-Con International