Monday, October 17, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/17

ebay: Jaime t-shirt with Damachers image.
tumblr: Gilbert tagged on tumblr. w/some adult images posted.
influences: Adam Pasion cites Gilbert and Love and Rockets as influences on his art.
review: Elizabeth Bird reviews Nursery Rhyme Comics, and I was suprised to see Gilbert contributes to this one, also.
review: Ron Richards @ iFanboy reviews L&RNS 4.
review: Tony Keen @ FA Online reviews L&RNS 4.
Happy Birthday Jaime: DC Women Kicking Ass
twitter: Skyla quotes Gilbert from THE COMICS JOURNAL 178.
twitter: Skyla gives us a link to Jaime's twitter account, for us non-tweets.
twitter: Gilbert's at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, November 5.
twitter: Xavi Romiro tweet reviews the PALOMAR hardcover
twitter: @bboyspodcast find out Gilbert is nice guy, so much for his chances of getting into Curmudgeon Hall of Fame.
twitter: Aben Maler retweeted by Fantagraphics, my head is spinning.
twitter: streetecnik pictures The Girls From HOPPERS
Original Art Spotlight:
ebay: Gilbert's Iron Man 1 2
Albert Moy Comic Art: Jaime 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
twitpic: squidita posts detail of some "Death of Speedy"-era Jaime art. via FlogBlog

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