Monday, August 6, 2012

Love and Rockets Links: August edition

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review: Greg McElhatton reviews FATIMA 1 for Comic Book Resources.
review: Charles Meier reviews FATIMA 1 for Darling Dork.
review: JK Parkin at Robot 6 gives us three views of FATIMA 1.
review: John Kane of "Savage Critics" reviews FATIMA 1 and 2.
preview: cover and six pages of FATIMA 1 on The Beat. Only Gilbert could be compared, in the same post,  to Jodorowsky, Russ Meyers, Roger Corman, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Fletcher Hanks.
review: Tucker Stone reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 5 on, he says the Fuck word so watch out.

music: Jen Vaughn of Flog Blog links to music playlists for Jaime's Locas and Gilbert's Palomar.
Love: Jade at the Drawn and Quarterly Bookstore blog, "211 Bernard," shares her prized copy of LRNS 5 signed by all three Hernandez brothers, and a some great Love and Rockets shelf porn from the store!
inspiration: Leela Corman says, in an interview with The Millions, the Hernandez brothers are an influence on her, and her new book UNTERZAKHN.
inspiration: Joseph Lambert shares a panel from his story in NOBROW 7 which was inspired by a panel from Jaime's "Bay of Threes."

scholarly: Derek Royal's "The Hernandez Brothers' Love and Rockets" academic paper can be found here, download requires login via or facebook, though.

clarification: Scott Dunbier said at Comic Con that "Jaime Hernandez turned me down" on the question of doing one of those IDW Artist's Editions on his work, sorry for not catching that for our last links edition. I'd love to beg until Jaime relented as his work looks so much better the bigger it's reproduced, but I really couldn't afford that sort of book. anyway. 

twitter: @amandecherie shares links to that NPR Jaime story, the tweet is in French so that's pretty much why I'm linking.
twitter: Sean P. Belcher tweet links to our book release post.  Hmm...if I link to a tweet that links to the blog from which I'm linking will the internet explode?  Hey kids, click here and find out!
twitter: the mysterious lady cosplayed as Boot Angel at Comic Con has identified herself.
twitter: KH Perkins asks a good question.  Maybe he talks to much about baseball and hemorrhoids in his tweets.
twitter: Jaime's wife tweet links that NPR Jaime story, and Jaime's Comic Con memories news story.
twitter: a couple folks had this Locas trailer from @gal_editora posted on twitter, here's Mauricio Muniz's well-backgrounded posting. Oh, here's another one from Mauricio.
twitter: Jordan Crane + Jaime Hernandez. Why haven't you clicked on the link yet??
twitter: Melanie B. Glover: a hometown fan of Jaime and Locas.
twitter: not a fan of not Jaime.
twitter: news of Gal Editora's Brazillian edition of LOCAS: MAGGIE, A MECANICA, 152 pages, 21x26cm dimensions.
twitter: Eva Marie Saavedra links to a list of "writers of color" on which is the great Gilbert. Sounds vaguely racist to me, but I guess it's meant well.
twitter: John Linton Roberson endorses Gilbert's BIRDLAND.
twitter: Tom Spurgeon is hilarious, and he's the only person to become more well-known after leaving The Comics Journal editorial board.  Well, there's Tom Heintjes and frickin' Frank Young, and...shutting up now.
twitter: this is creepy.
twitter: Oli Arditi writes of his love for Gilbert's work.
twitter: Missed it. Sean T. Collins tweet links to his review of FATIMA 1 at, it's a good one.
twitter: Michael DeForge tweets his thoughts on Gilbert's work.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez Book Release Dates 2012-13

*Gilbert Hernadez THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS now in stock at Fantagraphics. video via
*Jaime Herandez GOD AND SCIENCE now in stock at Fantagraphics. video via
*Gilbert Hernandez MARBLE SEASON due October 2 as per

*Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 5 due October 5 as per; due in September and available for pre-order now from Fantagraphics

*Jaime Hernandez (excerpt only) BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2012 due October as per Jen Vaughn on Flog Blog
*Marc Sobel THE LOVE AND ROCKETS READER: FROM HOPPERS TO PALOMAR due October 24 as per; due tentatively Ocotber 24 as per Fantagraphics
*Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez LOVE AND ROCKETS: THE COVERS due November 21 as per; due tentatively November 21 as per Fantagraphics
*Marc Sobel and Kristy Valenti LOVE AND ROCKETS COMPANION: 30 YEARS AND COUNTING due December 21 as per; due tentatively September 26 as per Fantagraphics
*Gilbert Hernandez JULIO'S DAY due January 9, 2013 as per; due tentatively December 7, 2012 as per Fantagraphics
*Gilbert Hernandez NEW TALES OF OLD PALOMAR (hardcover) due out April 10, 2013 as per and
*Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez PETER BAGGE'S OTHER STUFF due out April 13, 2013 as per
*Jaime Hernandez and Todd Hignite THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ available now as a digitial release on Comixology for only 12.99
*Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 1-4 available now as digital releases from Comixology for 7.99 each

Thanks to Jacq Cohen at Fantagraphics for information regarding their upcoming 2012 Hernandez books.