Monday, September 26, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/26

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twitter: Ella Wredenfors encounters severe health difficulties due to Fantagraphics Jaime tweets.
twitter1, twitter2, twitter3, twitter4: Tom Spurgeon invites masochistic flagellation while enraptured by Jaime's newest work.
twitter: Woodrow Phoenix continues the Jaime lovefest with a link to a VILLAGE VOICE article from last year.
twitter: Adri tweets a link to some great Jaime art they posted on tumblr.
twitter: @LaCupulaComic links to their foreign edition of PENNY CENTURY with enthusiastic accompanying text and full color cover image (one of my favorite Penny drawings, by the way).
twitter: @Earinc (aka Eric Reynolds) critique of the new DC comics while continuing our parade of praise for Jaime.
twitter: @fylovenrockets with more love for Jaime's new work
twitter: Jaime Hernandez tweets about Dylan Williams.
review: short review of Jaime's contribution to LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 4 by Tom Spurgeon.
review: Douglas Wolk writes three sentences about L&R:NS #4 for Comics Alliance.
crabby artists at conventions: this is a great behind-the-scenes type post by Dustin Harbin about themed-sketchbooks at conventions. Jaime is mentioned briefly as a contributor to one of these.
TCJ: Frank Santoro talks margins, comparing Gilbert Hernandez and CF. A truly unique perspective on these two artists.
IOWA: Corey K. Creekmur opinion-piece for the Iowa Press-Citizen on the upcoming comics-related events at/around the University of Iowa. Both Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are slated to appear as keynote speakers at the "Comics, Creativity, and Culture" symposium.
influences: Mike Rhode interviews graphic novelist George O'Connor for the Washington City Paper. O'Connor, author of JOURNEY INTO MOHAWK COUNTRY, names Jaime as one of his influences.
mugshot: Bizarro Jaime's been bad
mugshot: so's this Gilbert dude (persons who are not Los Bros Hernandez but have the same names are innocent until proven guilty)
Love and Rockets fan art spotlight (inspired by/stolen from this mike baehr post):

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/19

LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #4 is in stock and available for ordering. product page
Jaime will have a story in the Alison Bechdel-edited BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2011. chicago reader
Jaime's "Top 10 Criterion Collection Titles" is like a movie mixtape from the master. here
Photo of Jaime at Bergen St. Comics signing courtesy of Will Hines on tumblr.
IOWA: "Symposium on 'Comics, Creativity, and Culture: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" at the University of Iowa, October 5-8. pdf bios of participants including Gilbert and Jaime.
IOWA: John Porcellino blog post on the above event in which he is also participating.
ebay: a rare, to me at least, promo poster for the unjustly-overlooked Gilbert series, GRIP.
twitter: @ComicsFilm posts a link to Sean T. Collins' review of the new L&R.
twitter: @copcomco (i.e. Copacetic Comics) links to their facebook posting on the new L&R.
twitter: @Brian_Evinou links to a video of Gary Groth interviewing Jaime at SPX 2010. Hey, it's new to me.
twitter: @pivic gives us a twitter review of Gilbert's Palomar (hardcover).
Comics Reporter Archives Spotlight:
"Comics for Kids" 1997 A long essay on all-ages comics from a mid-90s perspective. The quote "(Rumor has it that one major alternative cartoonist may edit an all-ages anthology beginning next year )" may refer to the Gilbert Hernandez-edited MEASLES anthology that began in 1998. The first issue featured all-ages stories by these alternative cartoonists: Gilbert's "Venus"; Jim Woodring; Steven Weissman; Lewis Trondheim; and Mario Hernandez.
"Five For Friday#5: Alt-Comics" 2004 Palomar by Gilbert listed by Tom Spurgeon in this early installment of our favorite CR feature.
"A Top 40 For 2004" 2005 Another early installment of a CR tradition, many Los Bros. works on this one (extra credit for picking a Joel Orff book!).
"The Five Worst Gateway Comics" 2006 This has nothing to do with the Hernandez Brothers, but has got to be one of the funniest posts I've ever read on CR.
"CCI's Con Programming, Reduced To Comics Offerings" 2007 This was the 25th Anniversary of LOVE AND ROCKETS with spotlight panels featuring Jaime and Gilbert.
"TCJ Subscriber Letter (Big)" 2009 I may have cried when I read this on CR, nice old "Mechanics" panel by Jaime for an illustration.
BONUS: "Five For Friday #1: Snapshot" 2004 The, perhaps, inauspicious debut of this long-running CR feature.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/12

IGNATZ AWARDS: Jaime won the Ignatz for his highly-lauded "Browntown" story from L&R V3#3. Excellent presentation of all the award winners on comics reporter.
ebay: Unusual double "7 vinyl record, front and back covers by Jaime, and also the vinyl labels themselves are illustrated by him. The perfect accent for your swingin' bachelor pad.
Jaime Hernandez and Frank Santoro: old photo posted on tumblr.
twitter: here are couple international tweets about Jaime's Ignatz. @lacupulacomic and @exit_smiling.
Poster for Jaime's Bergen Street Comics signing posted on flickr.
Jaime's Bergen Street Comics signing on facebook.
SPX donated graphic novels to the Montgomery County Public Libraries in Bethesda, Maryland. Gilbert Hernandez's SLOTH is mentioned in the article by Alex Ruoff.
The Copacetic Comic Company sale page for Gilbert and Mario's CITIZEN REX hardcover.
ebay: Don't miss this! An early Gilbert "Palomar" original art page for sale by Scott Eder Original Art Gallery. Awesome pictures.
twitter: Timothy O'Neil shares some love for Gilbert's time on DC's BIRDS OF PREY series.
Sean T. Collins spotlight:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Love and Rockets Links; Labor Day edition

Drawing: Gilbert/Jaime sketch posted on ffffound, Luba as Batman and Maggie as Robin.

Melissa Wiley on GeekMom previews Jaime's contribution to the First Second anthology NURSERY RHYME COMICS.

Chris Mautner's "Six by 6: Six Great Superhero Comics by Unlikely Cartoonists" on CBR ranks Jaime's "Ti-Girls" serial at #2.

"Karen" recommends LOST WOMEN & OTHER STORIES by Jaime in this comment thread call for graphic novel recommendations at Nerdy Apple Bottom.

Made in China can be a good thing: At Beijing Today english-language website the China National Publication Import and Export Corporation's bookstore recommends THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ.

Ebay: Go see one of those Gilbert Stussy X t-shirts while it lasts.
Twitter: Josh Johnson mini-review of Gilbert's LOVE FROM THE SHADOWS.
Twitter: Grey Granite links to an old MISTER X cover by Jaime.
Twitter: Kyousansei seems to be a Japanese fan of American cartoonists like Jaime.
Twitter: Max Kaufmann confesses what all comic book artists come to realize eventually.
Twitter: And, Harry Moyer gets angry with the same realization.
Twitter: Gerardo V. links to an essay about Jaime's "Locas" series. foreign language text
Twitter: Donal Fall got THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ.

Spotlight on Marc Sobel:
love and rockets postcards; a rare Mario mention; nice Gilbert image and link to TWC essay; SHELF LIFE introduction; SL: Love & Rockets 1; SL: Love & Rockets 2; SL: Love & Rockets 3; SL: Love & Rockets 4; SL: Love & Rockets 5; SL: Love & Rockets 6; SL: Love & Rockets 7; SL: Love & Rockets 8; SL: Love & Rockets 9; SL: Love & Rockets 10; SL: Love & Rockets 11; SL: Love & Rockets 12; SL: Love & Rockets 13; SL: Love & Rockets 14; SL: Love & Rockets 15. "Birdland Reconsidered" was five-part series on the original The Comics Journal website, it is not archived on's current incarnation.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jack Jackson's American History: February 2012

Tom Spurgeon reported on Tuesday of a forthcoming edition of Jack Jackson's LOS TEJANOS/LOST CAUSE from Fantagraphics Books. I emailed some questions to Publisher Kim Thompson at Fantagraphics and received this reply from the series editor/Publisher Gary Groth:

What are the other four titles to be collected in the second and third Jack Jackson omnibus volumes?
GG: "Tentatively, this is how the books would break down:
Los Tejanos & Lost Cause
Indian Lover & Comanche Moon
Alamo & San Saba
The first is set in stone and contains an introduction by the novelist Ron Hansen."

If sales are good enough, will there be a fourth volume of Mr. Jackson's shorter historical works (some already seen in the previous Fantagraphics collection: GOD'S BOSOM AND OTHER STORIES)?
GG: "Yes. Plus, don't forget his satirical work, which we collected in Optimism of Youth."

Are any of Mr. Jackson's family involved in the development of these collected editions?
GG: "Yes, mostly his son, Sam Jackson, who I'm working with closely. Sam provided impeccable reproductions of his father's work from which we are scanning everything."

Has an art director been assigned to the series?
GG: "It's not set in stone, but it looks like Jacob Covey will design the books."

Are there similar challenges to marketing Mr. Jackson's historical novels, and bringing Jacques Tardi's historical novels to the U.S. market?
GG: "I don't edit the Tardi series, but the only similarity between the two authors is that they have both been previously published in the US without much commercial success. We turned that around with Tardi and intend to do the same thing with Jackson, whose time, we hope, has come. Regardless of how successful his forthcoming books are, I'm only sorry he's not alive to see his life's work all published in a uniform series of volumes." [answers via email: 9/1]

I wholeheartedly commend Mr. Groth for publishing the collected works of, in my humble opinion, the best author to emerge from the underground scene. Mr. Jackson was able to create a compelling, believable world in each of his historical novels, peopled with characters that come alive through historical detail and natural dialogue. Hopefully, these works will find the wider audience (and the respect) that Mr. Jackson deserves.

Gary Groth's tribute from THE COMICS JOURNAL 278: "Recuerden Jack Jackson"
LOS TEJANOS/LOST CAUSE Fantagraphics Books product page
Ron Hansen biographical/bibliographical information
Here is an in-depth documentary about Mr. Jackson by historian Patrick Rosenkranz via YouTube: