Monday, September 26, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/26

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twitter: Ella Wredenfors encounters severe health difficulties due to Fantagraphics Jaime tweets.
twitter1, twitter2, twitter3, twitter4: Tom Spurgeon invites masochistic flagellation while enraptured by Jaime's newest work.
twitter: Woodrow Phoenix continues the Jaime lovefest with a link to a VILLAGE VOICE article from last year.
twitter: Adri tweets a link to some great Jaime art they posted on tumblr.
twitter: @LaCupulaComic links to their foreign edition of PENNY CENTURY with enthusiastic accompanying text and full color cover image (one of my favorite Penny drawings, by the way).
twitter: @Earinc (aka Eric Reynolds) critique of the new DC comics while continuing our parade of praise for Jaime.
twitter: @fylovenrockets with more love for Jaime's new work
twitter: Jaime Hernandez tweets about Dylan Williams.
review: short review of Jaime's contribution to LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 4 by Tom Spurgeon.
review: Douglas Wolk writes three sentences about L&R:NS #4 for Comics Alliance.
crabby artists at conventions: this is a great behind-the-scenes type post by Dustin Harbin about themed-sketchbooks at conventions. Jaime is mentioned briefly as a contributor to one of these.
TCJ: Frank Santoro talks margins, comparing Gilbert Hernandez and CF. A truly unique perspective on these two artists.
IOWA: Corey K. Creekmur opinion-piece for the Iowa Press-Citizen on the upcoming comics-related events at/around the University of Iowa. Both Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are slated to appear as keynote speakers at the "Comics, Creativity, and Culture" symposium.
influences: Mike Rhode interviews graphic novelist George O'Connor for the Washington City Paper. O'Connor, author of JOURNEY INTO MOHAWK COUNTRY, names Jaime as one of his influences.
mugshot: Bizarro Jaime's been bad
mugshot: so's this Gilbert dude (persons who are not Los Bros Hernandez but have the same names are innocent until proven guilty)
Love and Rockets fan art spotlight (inspired by/stolen from this mike baehr post):

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