Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/19

LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #4 is in stock and available for ordering. product page
Jaime will have a story in the Alison Bechdel-edited BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2011. chicago reader
Jaime's "Top 10 Criterion Collection Titles" is like a movie mixtape from the master. here
Photo of Jaime at Bergen St. Comics signing courtesy of Will Hines on tumblr.
IOWA: "Symposium on 'Comics, Creativity, and Culture: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" at the University of Iowa, October 5-8. pdf bios of participants including Gilbert and Jaime.
IOWA: John Porcellino blog post on the above event in which he is also participating.
ebay: a rare, to me at least, promo poster for the unjustly-overlooked Gilbert series, GRIP.
twitter: @ComicsFilm posts a link to Sean T. Collins' review of the new L&R.
twitter: @copcomco (i.e. Copacetic Comics) links to their facebook posting on the new L&R.
twitter: @Brian_Evinou links to a video of Gary Groth interviewing Jaime at SPX 2010. Hey, it's new to me.
twitter: @pivic gives us a twitter review of Gilbert's Palomar (hardcover).
Comics Reporter Archives Spotlight:
"Comics for Kids" 1997 A long essay on all-ages comics from a mid-90s perspective. The quote "(Rumor has it that one major alternative cartoonist may edit an all-ages anthology beginning next year )" may refer to the Gilbert Hernandez-edited MEASLES anthology that began in 1998. The first issue featured all-ages stories by these alternative cartoonists: Gilbert's "Venus"; Jim Woodring; Steven Weissman; Lewis Trondheim; and Mario Hernandez.
"Five For Friday#5: Alt-Comics" 2004 Palomar by Gilbert listed by Tom Spurgeon in this early installment of our favorite CR feature.
"A Top 40 For 2004" 2005 Another early installment of a CR tradition, many Los Bros. works on this one (extra credit for picking a Joel Orff book!).
"The Five Worst Gateway Comics" 2006 This has nothing to do with the Hernandez Brothers, but has got to be one of the funniest posts I've ever read on CR.
"CCI's Con Programming, Reduced To Comics Offerings" 2007 This was the 25th Anniversary of LOVE AND ROCKETS with spotlight panels featuring Jaime and Gilbert.
"TCJ Subscriber Letter (Big)" 2009 I may have cried when I read this on CR, nice old "Mechanics" panel by Jaime for an illustration.
BONUS: "Five For Friday #1: Snapshot" 2004 The, perhaps, inauspicious debut of this long-running CR feature.

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