Monday, April 16, 2012

Fantagraphics Books Updated Release Dates: Jaime, Gilbert, and Jaxon

LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 3 (2nd Printing) pre-order available now, due May 2012.
GOD AND SCIENCE: RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS (reprints Jaime's two-part story with additional materials in quality hardcover) not available for pre-order yet can be ordered from the current PREVIEWS, due July 2012.
THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS (square hardcover reprinting "Venus" stories from Gilbert's late-lamented MEASLES anthology) pre-order available now, due June 2012.
JACK JACKSON'S AMERICAN HISTORY: LOS TEJANOS & LOST CAUSE is not available for pre-order yet, currently due August 2012.

Stuff You Can Own Today:
FBI MINI 04: BEFORE LOVE AND ROCKETS is still available as a premium with the purchase of any LOVE AND ROCKETS release.  I've got a copy and the quality of reproduction is very high, on some fun old Los Bros work.
MAGGIE AND HOPEY COLOR FUN 1 available again, or found behind the couch at FB headquarters.
GOODY GOOD COMICS 1 still in print, nice one-shot anthology edited by Gilbert.

Love and Rockets Links: April

ebay: Original cover art for Gilbert's supremely weird GRIP 2.
ebay: take a look at this vintage concert poster by Gilbert. Whatever happened to Dr. Know?

There was a blow up on twitter earlier in the month over Jaime's work in LRNS 4 not being nominated for an Eisner award. We remain neutral on the subject of idiots that can't identify great work among the mediocrity that is the goal of most comics these days. Hower, read some folks who had a real opinion on the subject: Tom Spurgeon; Chris Mautner; Rob Martin; Evan Dorkin; Marc Sobel (nice background art, Marc); Dustin Harbin; Evan Dorkin 2; Woodrow Phoenix; Evan Dorkin 3; Ed Brubaker; Ed Brubaker 2; Will Pfeifer; Marc Sobel 2; and, class guy that he is I found no tweets pertaining to this subject in Jaime twitter activity of the time.

The Hooded Utilitarian site is posting a number of articles on Jaime's LOCAS series: Corey Creekmur; Robert Stanley Martin; Jason Michelitch; Eric Berlatsky 1; Eric Berlatsky 2; Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz; Richard Cook; James Romberger; Derik Badman; Marc Sobel; Noah Berlatsky; and, Deb Aoki. Hopefully these links still work, although you aren't really missing much if they don't.

review: Brian reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 4 for the River Readers section of the Missouri River Regional Library's MO Book Challenge Team site (whew).
preview: Andy Khouri previews Dark Horse releases for July, including Gilbert's FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS 2. image at top also via Comics Alliance, and (c)2012 Gilbert Hernandez.

baseball girls image (c)2012 Time, Inc. Taken July 7, 1950 by Howard Sochurek. via