Monday, April 16, 2012

Fantagraphics Books Updated Release Dates: Jaime, Gilbert, and Jaxon

LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 3 (2nd Printing) pre-order available now, due May 2012.
GOD AND SCIENCE: RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS (reprints Jaime's two-part story with additional materials in quality hardcover) not available for pre-order yet can be ordered from the current PREVIEWS, due July 2012.
THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS (square hardcover reprinting "Venus" stories from Gilbert's late-lamented MEASLES anthology) pre-order available now, due June 2012.
JACK JACKSON'S AMERICAN HISTORY: LOS TEJANOS & LOST CAUSE is not available for pre-order yet, currently due August 2012.

Stuff You Can Own Today:
FBI MINI 04: BEFORE LOVE AND ROCKETS is still available as a premium with the purchase of any LOVE AND ROCKETS release.  I've got a copy and the quality of reproduction is very high, on some fun old Los Bros work.
MAGGIE AND HOPEY COLOR FUN 1 available again, or found behind the couch at FB headquarters.
GOODY GOOD COMICS 1 still in print, nice one-shot anthology edited by Gilbert.

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