Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love and Rockets Links: May 1

Fantagraphics co-publisher Eric Reynolds brought sad news of the passing of La Cupula publisher Josep Maria Berenguer, who brought the world Spanish-language editions of LOVE AND ROCKETS and so many other underground and alternative cartoonists. image above: cover to La Cupula edition of Gilbert's LUBA hardcover.
twitter: "Scoop" Sobel digs up the long-awaited collected edition of Gilbert's JULIO'S DAY on Amazon
twitter: Fantagraphics links to Jason doing some Human Diastrophism-era Gilbert characters
twitter: some whining by retailer Secret Headquarters
twitter: Page 45 drumming up some interest in Gilbert's FATIMA
twitter: entrecomics links to their posting of that video interview of Los Bros floating around the internet, includes spanish-language comments by a Juan O.
twitter: Aki gives her view on LOVE AND ROCKETS
twitter: Richie Baez compares Gilbert and David Lynch
twitter: JC Jimenez is reading LOVE FROM THE SHADOWS (I'm jealous, I don't have that one yet)
twitter: Americaware links to an Iowans review of the YEAH! collection
twitter: I like this comment, though I may not agree with it
twitter: Long live the lists of favorite cartoonists with absolutely no context (Hey Fantagraphics where's the Mariscal retrospective book?)
twitter: @juliascheele look for the LOVE AND ROCKETS LIBRARY: THE LOCAS COLLECTION
flogblog: I don't usually link to FlogBlog since anyone who likes Tres Bros should already be reading that everyday. However, it's great news from editor Kim Thompson that Jaime's new 50 pages (or so) are in the house and ready to go for LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 5.
ebay: Does nobody want a vintage Beto sketch for $10.00? I don't know who's selling it, but everyone should take a look at least.

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