Monday, May 7, 2012

Love and Rockets Links: May 7

news: Mike Baehr at FlogBlog previews the covers to LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 5, to be released at the upcoming Comic Con International amidst the 30th anniversary festivities for L&R.
news: Mike also showed us that advance copies of GOD & SCIENCE: THE RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS are in the house and some of you have already (or will) purchased copies at recent conventions.
obituaries: Two more celebrations of the life of Josep Maria Berneguer (1944-2012) by Hernan Migoya and Tom Spurgeon.
news: Chris Mautner's "MoCCA Photo Diary" includes talk from the Fantagraphics table of the above mentioned GOD AND SCIENCE advance copies selling out at that show. Way to go super-sellers.
twitter: Everything you need to know about Jaime and Gilbert's appearance at this years Small Press Expo in Maryland.
twitter: Phil Jackson links to a post of one of those great ads for Fantagraphics original LOVE AND ROCKETS 1, as drawn by Beto.
twitter: @MsMcLallen makes the best of a bad Free Comic Day experience.
twitter: An unattributed quote from Gilbert.
twitter: I love foreign-language tweets, nice one by @Zpravycz.
preview: Apparently Gilbert has an illustration in the upcoming GRAPHIC ELVIS book, not sure if he was included in the Free Comic Book Day version.
preview: LEAPING TALL BUILDINGS by Christopher Irving, Seth Kushner, and Erik Skillman a photo/art book featuring Jaime among many others.
review: Red Clover is tough on Gilbert's SLOTH graphic novel.
a fan's life: a nice piece about her decade of reading LOVE AND ROCKETS by Alicia Korenman in her "Graphic Novelities" column. (Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere)
what the f???: Torsten Adair, at The Beat, writes of his great finds at the recent MoCCA festival, including a fellow named Bob Stevenson who had a 1984 San Diego Con mini-comic titled HOW TO DRAW FLIES with a contribution by Jaime. How's that for obscure?
review: Here's a nice take on Jaime's "The Love Bunglers" by Chris Randle at Back to the World.
review: Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #56.  A short, honest review of Gilbert and Mario's CITIZEN REX hardcover.

Next month should see the release of Gilbert's new fun and gruesome Dark Horse series:
FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS 1 due out June 20, 2012
FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS 2 due out July 18, 2012

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