Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hernandez Brothers Books In Your Future

CITIZEN REX 1 was to be released back on July 15th which was delayed until the following week according to this site linked to the Dark Horse "Citizen Rex" preview page. So I went to one of the local stores yesterday and they didn't have any copies. I just figured they didn't order any, it not being a Star Wars or Buffy title. Out of curiosity I called up the other major local store and the owner said that they are getting two copies on July 29th! I'm under the impression that the comic had limited release on July 22nd (because a few internet sites had the title marked "in stock") and may get a national release this coming Wednesday. Anyway, I have a copy reserved if it shows up.

LOCAS II MAGGIE, HOPEY, AND RAY (hardcover) this companion to the released- earlier-this-year "Luba" hardcover collection was (according to originally slated for a June 29th arrival. This one is actually available for pre-order from Fantagraphics Books with the ambiguous release date of July 2009 tacked on, so this is one that will be out soon. Just don't hold your breath!

LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 2 is due out on August 29th (according to from Fantagraphics although they do not have it listed in their "upcoming arrivals" section for pre-order.

HIGH SOFT LISP has a release date (again according to of February 28th, 2010. This collects Gilbert's six part serial from early issues of Love & Rockets Vol. II along with 12 pages of new bridging material. This seems to be in the format of the large-size old school paperback collections and not the new compact-size editions that collect the original series.

THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ: THE SECRETS OF LIFE AND DEATH BY TODD HIGNITE was announced in the "Abrams Spring 2009" catalog (pages 78-79) as being released June 2009, and then in the "Abrams Comicarts Spring 2009" catalog (pages 30-37) the date was changed to August. Frustration mounting, a site search brought up this page with a new release date of April 1st, 2010. No fooling. I highly recommend all Jaime fans go to and peruse the above two catalogs for the previews of the excellent work Todd Hignite and designer Jordan Crane have done.

TROUBLEMAKERS by GILBERT HERNANDEZ is the long-lost book that inspired this listing in the first place. I was very excited at the proposal of a series of stand-alone graphic novels based on Fritz's b-movie roles from the Love & Rockets Vol. II Gilbert stories. Unfortunately, this book has never been published and doesn't appear as if it ever will. Although you can check out a cover reproduction and story synopsis on by doing a title search.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A List of Gilbert Hernandez Interviews

Almost as enjoyable as reading his comics and stories is reading an interview with Gilbert Hernandez about his comics, life, and anything else that might be on his mind. Following is a chronological listing of several different discussions with the artist you can find online:

Gary Groth, Robert Fiore, Thom Powers, 1988:
link to pdf file of transcription from The Comics Journal 126

J. Stephen Bolhafner, 1993:

Michael Gilman, 1996:

Amy Benfer, 2001: (w/Jaime)

Frank Hussey, 2003:
excerpted from The Comics Journal 258

Noel Murray, 2005:,1309/

Chris Mautner, 2006:

Ian Brill, 2006:

Sean Carroll, 2007: part one part two
I couldn't find part three of this article anywhere in The Daily Crosshatch archives.

Gary Groth, 2007:
Follow the link to an audio file of this 2007 San Diego Comic Con panel, and also check out this youtube video of a very candid (and profane!) Gilbert at the same convention., 2008:

Bonus Link:
The FlogBlog alerted us to the catalog page on for the upcoming "Locas II" hardcover collection which has a link to the pdf file of the contents page and a 20 page preview story.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Signing Schedule for 2009 San Diego Comic Con

The end of last week Fantagraphics Books released their schedule of artists signing at their booth next week at San Diego Comic Con International. All three of the Hernandez Bros. are, of course, going to be there. Here are the times they will be at Booth 1716 (all Fantagraphics info below is via the FlogBlog):

THURSDAY July 23/Gilbert and Mario at 1-3pm
THURSDAY July 23/Jaime at 4-6pm
FRIDAY July 24/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 1-3pm
FRIDAY July 24/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 5-7pm
SATURDAY July 25/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 3-5pm
SUNDAY July 26/Jaime and Mario at Noon-2pm

Fantagraphics Books will be debuting two much anticipated books at the Comic Con:

LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 the newest issue of this third incarnation of the Brother's showcase title.

  1. Front cover by Gilbert
  2. "Ti-Girls Adventures #34 Part 3: Daughters of Doom" by Jaime 1-25
  3. "Sad Girl" by Gilbert 26-33
  4. "Hypnotwist" by Gilbert 34-75
  5. "Ti-Girls Adventures #34 Part 4: Mothers of Mercy" by Jaime 76-100

LOCAS II companion to the recent LUBA hardcover

I'm guessing this will selectively reprint Jaime's "Maggie and Hopey" stories from these four earlier collections: LOCAS IN LOVE; DICKS AND DEEDEES; GHOST OF HOPPERS; and, THE EDUCATION OF HOPEY GLASS.

In addition to his signing schedule, Jaime has donated a signed sketch card to the CBLDF auction to be held Saturday (July 25) night at 7pm. For more information check out this article:

That's not all though, in conjuction with their hopefully-soon-to-be-released CITIZEN REX series Gilbert and Mario will be appearing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#2615)

SATURDAY July 25/Gilbert and Mario at 2-3pm

Takes lots of pictures, everybody!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finding Los Bros Hernandez on Flickr Part 3

This concluding segment of the listing of Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez photos on reflects the brother's busy year last year promoting "Love and Rockets: New Stores 1" and Jaime's contribution to "Kramers Ergot 7." I have to single out the first link listed (hope it hasn't been deleted!) as my favorite photo of Jaime, nice work "matthewa."

Jaime b/w portrait
Gilbert at San Diego Comic Con International (w/daughter and Jaime) (w/daughter and Jaime)
Jaime at Alternative Press Expo (APE) (w/Matt Groening)
Jaime at BEA (w/Jackie Estrada)
Jaime at Calarts Sequential Arts Class
Jaime (and friends) at Family Bookstore (L.A.) for Kramers Ergot 7 signing party
Jaime at HeroesCon (w/Jim Rugg and Frank Santoro)
Jaime at L.A. Times Book Festival
Jaime at San Diego Comic Con International (w/Gilbert and daughter) (w/Jordan Crane)
Jaime and Alvin Buenaventura

Jaime at Emerald City Con
Jaime and Stan Sakai joint signing at Fantagraphics Bookstore, Seattle, WA April 4th (video)

I'll be looking for more photos from next week's San Diego Comic Con International where all three brothers will be attending and signing extensively.

Bonus link:
Came across this amazing print by Jordan Crane of the cover to "Love & Rockets 24," it is 26 inches by 40 inches, signed by Jaime, and a limited edition of only 87! (via FlogBlog)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finding Los Bros Hernandez on Flickr Part 2

Continuing this series listing photos of Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez on, the year 2007 comes from two events: that year's San Diego Comicon International and the 25th anniversary of Love & Rockets exhibit at Fantagraphics Bookstore.

Gilbert at San Diego Comicon International (w/Jaime) (four w/Jaime and Gary Groth) (w/Jaime) (w/wife at Eisner Awards) (w/Jaime and Mario) (w/Jaime) (w/Jaime and Mario) (w/Jaime and Mario)

Jaime at San Diego Comicon International

Mario at San Diego Comicon International

"25 Years of Love & Rockets" exhibit at Fantagraphics Bookstore, Seattle, WA February 10th and 11th (first in set of 13) (first in set of 8)

Conclusion later this week...

According to a report on the following link: both Gilbert and Jaime will be appearing at the Fantagraphics Booth (#1716) during the 2009 San Diego Comicon International next week. I'll try to find out if Gilbert will be at the Dark Horse booth, as well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Citizen Rex" Arrives July 15

If you don't already have a copy reserved of the new Dark Horse series by Gilbert and Mario Hernandez, "Citizen Rex," then make sure you make a special trip to your local well-stocked comic book store and pick up one of the limited number of copies they probably ordered. I recall having a lot of trouble getting copies of "Speak of the Devil," and this new series looks to be a good one.

There's an informative interview by Jeffrey Renaud with both Gilbert and Mario about their new series at:
(found back in June through: )

Check out here and click the "Citizen Rex" cover for a nice full screen version of the comics cover and the first three pages of the story.

According to Dark Horse's website "Citizen Rex" issue 2 will be on sale August 12, and issue 3 will be on sale September 9.

While your on the Dark Horse site look here for Gilbert's new color superhero series "Dreamstar" which is on pages 13-20 of the temporarily relocated "Dark Horse Presents" online series.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finding Los Bros Hernandez on Flickr

Welcome to yet-another-comics-fan-blog. This one is dedicated to Love and Rockets (classic, volume two, and new stories) and specifically the varied comics careers of Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernadez.

Have you noticed those video previews of various books at Fantagraphics Books website that are run through Flickr? This photo/video posting sight has many pictures of Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez from 2004-09 of various qualities. I had some trouble searching the site beyond searching Gilbert and Jaime's names separately. Following is a list of addresses to the photos I've found separated and sorted by year and event, in order for you to locate them quicker:


Gilbert at San Diego Comicon International
Gilbert at Bumbershoot


Gilbert and wife at Alternative Press Expo
Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at Alternative Press Expo
Pasadena City College exhibit
Gilbert and family as "Naked Cosmos" characters at SD Comicon International
Gilbert as "Naked Cosmos" character at San Diego Comicon International
Jaime at San Diego Comicon International
Mario at San Diego Comicon International


Mario at HeroesCon
Gilbert and Mario at HeroesCon
Gilbert and Jaime at HeroesCon
Jaime at Pratt Institute
Gilbert and Jaime at San Diego Comicon International
Jaime at San Diego Comicon International

More later this week...