Sunday, July 19, 2009

Signing Schedule for 2009 San Diego Comic Con

The end of last week Fantagraphics Books released their schedule of artists signing at their booth next week at San Diego Comic Con International. All three of the Hernandez Bros. are, of course, going to be there. Here are the times they will be at Booth 1716 (all Fantagraphics info below is via the FlogBlog):

THURSDAY July 23/Gilbert and Mario at 1-3pm
THURSDAY July 23/Jaime at 4-6pm
FRIDAY July 24/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 1-3pm
FRIDAY July 24/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 5-7pm
SATURDAY July 25/Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario at 3-5pm
SUNDAY July 26/Jaime and Mario at Noon-2pm

Fantagraphics Books will be debuting two much anticipated books at the Comic Con:

LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 the newest issue of this third incarnation of the Brother's showcase title.

  1. Front cover by Gilbert
  2. "Ti-Girls Adventures #34 Part 3: Daughters of Doom" by Jaime 1-25
  3. "Sad Girl" by Gilbert 26-33
  4. "Hypnotwist" by Gilbert 34-75
  5. "Ti-Girls Adventures #34 Part 4: Mothers of Mercy" by Jaime 76-100

LOCAS II companion to the recent LUBA hardcover

I'm guessing this will selectively reprint Jaime's "Maggie and Hopey" stories from these four earlier collections: LOCAS IN LOVE; DICKS AND DEEDEES; GHOST OF HOPPERS; and, THE EDUCATION OF HOPEY GLASS.

In addition to his signing schedule, Jaime has donated a signed sketch card to the CBLDF auction to be held Saturday (July 25) night at 7pm. For more information check out this article:

That's not all though, in conjuction with their hopefully-soon-to-be-released CITIZEN REX series Gilbert and Mario will be appearing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#2615)

SATURDAY July 25/Gilbert and Mario at 2-3pm

Takes lots of pictures, everybody!

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