Friday, July 17, 2009

Finding Los Bros Hernandez on Flickr Part 3

This concluding segment of the listing of Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez photos on reflects the brother's busy year last year promoting "Love and Rockets: New Stores 1" and Jaime's contribution to "Kramers Ergot 7." I have to single out the first link listed (hope it hasn't been deleted!) as my favorite photo of Jaime, nice work "matthewa."

Jaime b/w portrait
Gilbert at San Diego Comic Con International (w/daughter and Jaime) (w/daughter and Jaime)
Jaime at Alternative Press Expo (APE) (w/Matt Groening)
Jaime at BEA (w/Jackie Estrada)
Jaime at Calarts Sequential Arts Class
Jaime (and friends) at Family Bookstore (L.A.) for Kramers Ergot 7 signing party
Jaime at HeroesCon (w/Jim Rugg and Frank Santoro)
Jaime at L.A. Times Book Festival
Jaime at San Diego Comic Con International (w/Gilbert and daughter) (w/Jordan Crane)
Jaime and Alvin Buenaventura

Jaime at Emerald City Con
Jaime and Stan Sakai joint signing at Fantagraphics Bookstore, Seattle, WA April 4th (video)

I'll be looking for more photos from next week's San Diego Comic Con International where all three brothers will be attending and signing extensively.

Bonus link:
Came across this amazing print by Jordan Crane of the cover to "Love & Rockets 24," it is 26 inches by 40 inches, signed by Jaime, and a limited edition of only 87! (via FlogBlog)

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