Thursday, July 23, 2009

A List of Gilbert Hernandez Interviews

Almost as enjoyable as reading his comics and stories is reading an interview with Gilbert Hernandez about his comics, life, and anything else that might be on his mind. Following is a chronological listing of several different discussions with the artist you can find online:

Gary Groth, Robert Fiore, Thom Powers, 1988:
link to pdf file of transcription from The Comics Journal 126

J. Stephen Bolhafner, 1993:

Michael Gilman, 1996:

Amy Benfer, 2001: (w/Jaime)

Frank Hussey, 2003:
excerpted from The Comics Journal 258

Noel Murray, 2005:,1309/

Chris Mautner, 2006:

Ian Brill, 2006:

Sean Carroll, 2007: part one part two
I couldn't find part three of this article anywhere in The Daily Crosshatch archives.

Gary Groth, 2007:
Follow the link to an audio file of this 2007 San Diego Comic Con panel, and also check out this youtube video of a very candid (and profane!) Gilbert at the same convention., 2008:

Bonus Link:
The FlogBlog alerted us to the catalog page on for the upcoming "Locas II" hardcover collection which has a link to the pdf file of the contents page and a 20 page preview story.

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