Monday, September 5, 2011

Love and Rockets Links; Labor Day edition

Drawing: Gilbert/Jaime sketch posted on ffffound, Luba as Batman and Maggie as Robin.

Melissa Wiley on GeekMom previews Jaime's contribution to the First Second anthology NURSERY RHYME COMICS.

Chris Mautner's "Six by 6: Six Great Superhero Comics by Unlikely Cartoonists" on CBR ranks Jaime's "Ti-Girls" serial at #2.

"Karen" recommends LOST WOMEN & OTHER STORIES by Jaime in this comment thread call for graphic novel recommendations at Nerdy Apple Bottom.

Made in China can be a good thing: At Beijing Today english-language website the China National Publication Import and Export Corporation's bookstore recommends THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ.

Ebay: Go see one of those Gilbert Stussy X t-shirts while it lasts.
Twitter: Josh Johnson mini-review of Gilbert's LOVE FROM THE SHADOWS.
Twitter: Grey Granite links to an old MISTER X cover by Jaime.
Twitter: Kyousansei seems to be a Japanese fan of American cartoonists like Jaime.
Twitter: Max Kaufmann confesses what all comic book artists come to realize eventually.
Twitter: And, Harry Moyer gets angry with the same realization.
Twitter: Gerardo V. links to an essay about Jaime's "Locas" series. foreign language text
Twitter: Donal Fall got THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ.

Spotlight on Marc Sobel:
love and rockets postcards; a rare Mario mention; nice Gilbert image and link to TWC essay; SHELF LIFE introduction; SL: Love & Rockets 1; SL: Love & Rockets 2; SL: Love & Rockets 3; SL: Love & Rockets 4; SL: Love & Rockets 5; SL: Love & Rockets 6; SL: Love & Rockets 7; SL: Love & Rockets 8; SL: Love & Rockets 9; SL: Love & Rockets 10; SL: Love & Rockets 11; SL: Love & Rockets 12; SL: Love & Rockets 13; SL: Love & Rockets 14; SL: Love & Rockets 15. "Birdland Reconsidered" was five-part series on the original The Comics Journal website, it is not archived on's current incarnation.

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