Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 9/12

IGNATZ AWARDS: Jaime won the Ignatz for his highly-lauded "Browntown" story from L&R V3#3. Excellent presentation of all the award winners on comics reporter.
ebay: Unusual double "7 vinyl record, front and back covers by Jaime, and also the vinyl labels themselves are illustrated by him. The perfect accent for your swingin' bachelor pad.
Jaime Hernandez and Frank Santoro: old photo posted on tumblr.
twitter: here are couple international tweets about Jaime's Ignatz. @lacupulacomic and @exit_smiling.
Poster for Jaime's Bergen Street Comics signing posted on flickr.
Jaime's Bergen Street Comics signing on facebook.
SPX donated graphic novels to the Montgomery County Public Libraries in Bethesda, Maryland. Gilbert Hernandez's SLOTH is mentioned in the article by Alex Ruoff.
The Copacetic Comic Company sale page for Gilbert and Mario's CITIZEN REX hardcover.
ebay: Don't miss this! An early Gilbert "Palomar" original art page for sale by Scott Eder Original Art Gallery. Awesome pictures.
twitter: Timothy O'Neil shares some love for Gilbert's time on DC's BIRDS OF PREY series.
Sean T. Collins spotlight:

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