Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jack Jackson's American History Part 2: Hall of Fame

I was so excited about the new Fantagraphics Books Jack Jackson reprint series that I completely overlooked the fact Mr. Jackson was elected by judge's choice into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame along with Ernie Bushmiller, Lynd Ward, and Mart Nodell (the judges for the Eisner Awards in 2011 were Ned Cato, Karen Green, Andy Helfer, Rich Johnson, and Chris Powell). The induction ceremonies for these, and the other four generally-elected members, were at Comic-Con International just a few short months ago. Mr. Jackson's son, Sam, is reported to have accepted the honor for his late father.
Past Eisner Hall of Fame inductees from the underground comix scene are: Robert Crumb (1991) and Art Spiegelman (1999). That's it unless you want to count Vaughn Bode (2006) or Harvey Pekar (2011).
image via (c)2011 Comic-Con International

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