Friday, October 21, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 10/24

Commentary and Criticism on Jaime in Love and Rockets New Stories 4:
"Your Wednesday Sequence 29/Jaime Hernandez" by Matt Seneca
"Go Read: The Comics Journal Profiles Jaime Hernandez" by Tom Spurgeon
"The Best: Jaime Hernandez's 'The Love Bunglers'" by Dan Nadel
"Frank Santoro and Adrian Tomine on 'The Love Bunglers'" by Frank and Adrian
"Everybody's Talking About Jaime Hernandez and Love and Rockets New Stories #4" by Sean T. Collins
"Quote of the Day: Bad Comics Are the Disease, Jaime Hernandez is the Cure" by Sean T. Collins
"You've Come a Long Way, Jaime..." by Sean T. Collins
Tom Spurgeon comments on the last article
We are taking a break see you sometime in November.

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