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Love and Rockets Links 'R' Us

Steven Grant includes the LOCAS II hardcover by Jaime in his holiday shopping guide. Don't forget to read Mr. Grant's column about narrative techniques in comics, he's a little like the Alex Toth of comics writers.

Sean T. Collins asks "What's Wrong With The A.V. Club's Best Comics Of The '00s List?" Sean says there is no Hernandez Brothers work in this list of 25, and I'm okay with that. Now if Robot 6 or Comics Reporter did a top, say, 100 list of Best Comics of the '00s and didn't include at least one book by Los Bros., then I'd be freaking out like the manga fans in the comments section of this post. via Journalista

Tucker Stone's essay "Then as Farce" on the decade in comics, mentions LOVE AND ROCKETS at the bottom of the post. via Journalista

Douglas Wolk lists LUBA among his "Top 5 Graphic Novels of 2009." via Journalista

"Nexus Graphica" columnists Rick Law and Mark Landon Williams list half of their top 10 comics and graphic novels of 2009. Mark picks the LOCAS II hardcover at #10. via FlogBlog

Butch Perez posts a list of his Top Ten books (for no particular year or reason). It includes Gilbert's recent HEARTBREAK SOUP and HUMAN DIASTROPHISM paperbacks.
Jaime and Gilbert have been sparking a little bit of commentary here (Michael Mayket, Alonso) and here (Micmacs) in the comment sections of Brian Cronin's "Good Comics" Top 100 storylines. Gilbert and Jaime bring up the rear in that list with two of their better continued stories "Blood of Palomar" (94th) and "Death of Speedy" (87th) showing up early on the list. Again, check out the comment threads at the end of the last two links, as well, for an idea where Los Bros stand with todays discerning mainstream comics fans. You have to believe "Mechanics" and "Poison River" will place higher on the list, but don't count on it.

Glen Weldon reviews the PALOMAR hardcover in his "Five MORE Tomes With Which To Tough Out Your Turkey Coma." via Flog Blog

**(This is an old review but worth revisiting) Rebecca Frati in her column "Comic Book Virgin #54" reviews Gilbert's L'ENFER EST PAVE DE BONNES INTENTIONS (google translation: Hell is Paved With Good Intentions) which is the Editions Delcourt French translation of CHANCE IN HELL. Editions Delcourt Hernandez Brothers titles also include the forthcoming LUBA 1; and these already-released titles LA RIVIERE EMPOISONNEE [POSION RIVER] and a mouthwatering edition of LOCAS: ELLES NE PENSENT QU'A [google translation: "They Only Think About It").
*Nihil Novum reviews SLOTH for the Fifty Books Project.
*Grant Goggans reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 2.
*Shawn Conner reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 2 (and also mentions Los Bros. in relation to Johnny Ryan and his PRISON PIT book).
*Tom Spurgeon reviews THE TROUBLEMAKERS.
*Brad Buckner has a capsule review of Gilbert's THE TROUBLEMAKERS. via Flog Blog
*Johnny Gabes analysis of CITIZEN REX at Relevant Panels.
*Erik Henriksen's "Hype Talk" column reviews MYSPACE DARK HORSE PRESENTS Volume 4, and mentions Gilbert among the contributors.
*Decapitated Dan reviews DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER ADVENTURES 1 (Slave Labor Graphics, November 2009). Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez are listed as contributors, probably pin-ups. Dan says this is "An amazing appreciation of classic giant monster works by Lee[...]Kirby[...]." Slave Labor online catalogue page can be accessed here. Video Preview. (Diamond Code: SEP090572; ISBN#978-1-59362-180-3)

Newnumber6 posts a link to a YouTube posting of the 2/18/93 episode of "Prisoners of Gravity" TV show. It has a short Gilbert Hernandez interview on racism and stereotypes in his comics. He's second to last on the episode.

Comic Book Resources has cover and three-page preview of CITIZEN REX 6.

Comixology has press release, cover, and three-page preview of CITIZEN REX 6. This site has an interesting feature that lists how many customers have this title on their "Pull" list, just for the record 46 have CITIZEN REX 6 on their list. Another version of this page has links to previews of the first five issues of CITIZEN REX, as well.

Atomic Books previews CITIZEN REX 6, lists December 9th as release date.

Gosh Comics (London) gives the U.K. release date for CITIZEN REX 6 as December 10th.

Edward Kaye posts a preview of CITIZEN REX 6, although I get nothing on my computer.
Maybe you will have better luck (or better hardware).

Peter Ha posts a preview of CITIZEN REX 6 on Techland, but I don't pull up anything on this one either.

Matt Brady previews CITIZEN REX 6, set to come out December 9th.

Kevin Melrose and Chris Mautner discuss CITIZEN REX 6 in their new roundup of comics that were to have arrived December 9th.

Jog recommends the last issue of the CITIZEN REX mini-series, although, all things considered, it sounds like he would have rather skipped to the collected edition.

It should be noted that Matt Brady and Jog have been there consistently calling attention to the monthly releases of CITIZEN REX. Now, I agree, where's the hardcover collection, in color, signed by Gilbert and Mario, in a Seth-designed slipcase, and throw in a hologram foil tip-in plate and I'll be happy!

Giant Robot, 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025. "Post-It Show 4" December 5, 2009-January 13, 2010. Opening reception was December 5 6:30pm-10:00pm. Jaime Hernandez Post-It size artwork on display with many, many other artists. via Flog Blog
*Jack reports more info about Giant Robot's "Post-It Show 4" (with an original work by Jaime). A good-sized photo along with post.
*Artist Lisa Hanawalt ("I Want You") talks about the Giant Robot "Post-It Show 4" and posts all of her beautiful post-its from the same show. (sort-of NSFW)
*Twitter: Michelle Borok writes Jaime's post-it's are sold out from Giant Robot's "Post-It Show 4."

Paul Gravett reports on the "ComiXmas: When Worlds Collide" exhibition of comics-related prints at LondonPrint Studio Gallery, 425 Harrow Road, London. The show runs from 12/11/09-2/6/10 and includes prints of images from Gilbert Hernandez's LUBA hardcover.

Sandy Bilius strikes again (and again) with more compilations of Best of... lists.
2005 No Hernandez Brothers titles on this year's list

Comic Book Realm has a price guide listing for CITIZEN REX 6 and, also, the first five issues of the miniseries. I don't know why, I just link 'em!

Comic Collector Live has a (limited) sales history and price guide for CITIZEN REX 6.

A long review of Peter Bagge books (starting with his newest one), has several passing references to LOVE AND ROCKETS. The article seems to be posted from something called Optical Sloth, or maybe that's the author's name.

Bitterfig's short-short fiction story "Finger Shaped" describes a character as someone who "read LOVE AND ROCKETS[...]." (NSFW)

Tom Spurgeon catalogues comix scenes by city and geographical area at, including Jaime in L.A. and Gilbert in Las Vegas (not sure if big brother is listed, or not).

Heidi MacDonald discusses comics that might make the cut on "The View" or "Oprah," LOVE AND ROCKETS is mentioned in this context.

Is it any suprise that Heidi MacDonald owns "all the LOVE AND ROCKETS collections[...]?"

Tim H. getting into comics via LOCAS II (also mentions the first LOCAS hardcover).

Alex recalls (among many other cool things) the Forbidden Planet comics store in New York ca. 2005, and mentions various artists having special shelf sections including Gilbert and Jaime. Well, I thought it was interesting, we're lucky if Jack Kirby or Osamu Tezuka get a separate section in our comics stores.

Drytowel is reading Jaime's comics, about a paragraph of "analysis." The comment thread following is awesome.

I did not know Gilbert Hernandez (w/Laura Allred) drew the cover for CLERKS (THE COMIC BOOK), Oni Press, 1998.

Goth Love and Rockets-band fansite, credits Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez as inspiring the band's name. Really annoying soundtrack plays automatically, making this NSFW. It's not in english either, but I can't remember what language exactly.

Here is another product page from Powell's Books (of Portland, OR). This one is on the first LOCAS hardcover by Jaime. It includes press release, Publishers Weekly review, and nine pull-quote/reviews. They also have a copy of the, likewise out-of-print, PALOMAR hardcover by Gilbert, covered in similar fashion.

Citizen Rex 5 did not make icv2's Top 300 comics in November list, which means it sold less than 300's 2,699 copies. Looks like folks are either having a hard time finding copies (like me), or giving up and waiting for the collection. via Comics Reporter


World Famous comics writer Matt Fraction is looking forward to Gilbert's THE TROUBLEMAKERS.

via. Jennifer Brown interviews Charlie Kochman, editor of Abrams ComicArts imprint, who briefly discusses Todd Hignite and Jordan Crane's forthcoming THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ.

Kim De Vries interviews Mike Madrid ("The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of the Comic Book Heroine") who favorably comments on Jaime's recent "Ti-Girls Adventures."

Slightly disturbing content on this website where under the heading "Bucket Lists Are For The Now" is "Send Jaime Hernandez a charming e-mail." Very original layout, though, in the form of an open Moleskine journal. (so NSFW/JBC)

Artist Colin Panetta crushes on Jaime Hernandez in this interview.

treadhead lists Jaime's LOCAS among his favorites on his sidebar.

CITIZEN REX 2 cover is posted on tumblr (second entry in list).

Dorian Peace posts a Maggie and Hopey panel, I believe it's from LOVE AND ROCKETS 50.

Jaime artwork from Comic Art Collective is re-posted on FFFFound, a record cover for Lungleg (showing wrestling gals) and links to two other re-posted Jaime drawings.

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