Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 All-Time Issues of The Comics Journal

I've been seeing a deluge of "Best of 2009" or "Best of the Decade" comics and graphic novel lists, many with the Hernandez Brothers various projects singled out. It got me thinking about going in a different direction and honoring THE COMICS JOURNAL and it's recently-completed 300-issue run, a magazine that was very important in introducing me to the Hernandez Brothers and LOVE AND ROCKETS, some 23-24 years ago. Here are ten issues I've picked out of my collection that are either personal favorites, defining moments in the magazine's history, or just plain revelatory in their own right, all in my own humble opinion:

THE COMICS JOURNAL 38 (February 1977)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 59 (October 1980)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 71 (March 1982)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 115 (April 1987)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 138 (October 1990)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 210 (February 1999)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 227 (September 2000)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 238 (October 2001)
THE COMICS JOURNAL 250 (February 2003)

Over the next several weeks I'll be writing at length on each issue I picked and why they stand out to me. Please send your comments on what your favorite issue of THE COMICS JOURNAL is, and maybe I'll write up that issue as well! (P.S. The above list is skewed to the issues I have in hand, completely missing the Tom Spurgeon years, and my "golden age" of TCJ being approximately issues 112-150. Please hate accordingly.)


  1. 210 was one of mine; my second to last -- so thank you!

  2. 258 - The Elusive Art and Ideology of Steve Ditko. Plus there's a fine discussion between Gilbert H and Craig Thompson.

    Best Wishes