Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love and Rockets Links to Days Gone By

*Rob Clough reviews THE TROUBLEMAKERS for
*Jim Rugg (guest reviewer) reviews Gilbert's THE TROUBLEMAKERS and others for Robot 6. via FlogBlog
*A.V. Club (Zack Handlen, Keith Phipps, Leonard Pierce, or Tasha Robinson) reviews THE TROUBLEMAKERS. via FlogBlog
*Russell Heitzmann reviews THE TROUBLEMAKERS, scroll down to "Wednesday Roundup: Week of Jan 6/09"[year should be "10"] to find.
*Rich Kreiner reviews the LUBA hardcover for
*Benjamin Herman reviews CITIZEN REX 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 for

see archives for extensive coverage of "Best of 2009" and "Best of Decade" lists, or FlogBlog for more Hernandez Brother-centric lists.
*Brian Hibbs lists 100 best-selling books at Comix Experience, San Francisco. LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES [no#] is on this list.
*Marc Sobel writes a fun column (at Trouble With Comics) on older comics he has recently read or reread. First is Gilbert's BIRDLAND XXX series, and he also mentions Gilbert's back-up story in an issue of HATE. Well worth a read if you didn't see it the first time it was posted. Mr. Sobel also writes for
*Greg McElhatton reading list of graphic novels for 2009 includes LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2.
*Michael C. Lorah's "Best of 2009" has Gilbert's LUBA hardcover at #4.
*Richard Cowdry mentions CITIZEN REX in his runners up for "Best of 2009."
*Brian Michael Bendis includes SLOTH by Gilbert on his reading list for 2009.
*Ernest Hilbert also read SLOTH, uhm, ahh, two years ago. Thank you and good night.

*Tom Spurgeon wishes Gilbert a happy birthday.
*David P. Welsh (late of, we miss you already!) pays tribute to Gilbert on his birthday, and recommends his PALOMAR stories (and other like-minded media).
*Rich Johnston lists LOVE AND ROCKETS [I'm assuming he means both Volume 2 and NEW STORIES] among the honorary mentions in his Rumour Awards "Comic of the Decade" post.
*Adisakdi Tantimedh compares Season Five finale of DOCTOR WHO BBC series to end of Jaime's "The Death of Speedy Ortiz" storyline. I haven't seen the episode, but this is a well-done article about the (maybe) far-reaching influences of L&R.
*Cristiana Theodoli challenged herself to read 17 books and graphic novels over Christmas break, including LOVE AND ROCKETS LIBRARY: MAGGIE THE MECHANIC.
*Derek's "On My Pop Culture To-D0-List This Week [of January 7]" includes reading the LOCAS II hardcover by Jaime. Hope you are a speed-reader, Derek.
*Tom G. Wilkinson is reading fifty-two books in fifty-two weeks in 2010. First on the list was LOVE AND ROCKETS BOOK 1: MUSIC FOR MECHANICS by all three Bros. Post includes art samples and a good review of the book.

Gilbert Hernandez is interviewed (audio) on 88.9 KNPR on the occasion of his being awarded a United States Artists fellowship.

Gilbert Hernandez original art from "Duck Feet" story sells for only $330.55 from Scott Eder Original Art on eBay. No, I still wouldn't be able to afford it, but the price seems on the low side for any piece of original art by a well-regarded cartoonist.

*I've noticed some strange websites that sell inocuous items, and have hidden comments sections that mention Gilbert and Jaime's work sometimes. Google Alerts picks out the key words from behind their firewall, but does not show the entire thread. "" references Gilbert's THE NAKED COSMOS, and "" references Gilbert's PALOMAR stories.
*via Mike Sterling/via comics reporter I don't remember what this link goes to, although I supsect it's some rare Jaime cover art.

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  1. I'm trying to figure out if I should get Locas II or Penny Century or both. Any idea what the difference is between these two collections?