Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love and Rockets Links: 1/10

charity: Jaime donated items for the successful fundraising campaign over the holiday season for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
preview: Kim Thompson provides us with a glimpse of the back cover to Jaime's much-anticipated GOD AND SCIENCE: THE RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS.
Gilbert Gets Some, Love That Is: Michael DeForge influenced by, and Marjorie Liu reading his POISON RIVER book.
ebay: Here's a rare French editon of "Death of Speedy"-era Jaime LOCAS stories, titled MODERN SEX.
ebay: Here's a wild Zippo lighter with appropriated Jaime graphics. Great scans.
ebay: Looks like no one bought this super-rare punk rock concert flyer supposedly by Jaime.
1. "Deconstructing Comics Podcast #300: Jaime Hernandez" Tom Spurgeon is interviewed by Tim and Kumar on the subject of Jaime Hernandez.
2. "Deconstructing Comics Podcast #305: Gilbert Hernandez" Tom Spurgeon is interviewed by Tim and Kumar on the subject of Gilbert Hernandez. (sorry if these links don't work)
3. I always enjoy Tom Spurgeon's "CR Holiday Interview" series, here's a link that takes you to all of this year's entries. It's stunning to look at the full list and realize that back-in-the-day this would have been a whole year's worth of interviews in THE COMICS JOURNAL. The interview with Kim Thompson is especially recommended by us, as he's kind of the editor of LOVE AND ROCKETS (although Mr. Thompson makes it sound sound like he's Jimmy Olsen to Los Bros Perry White!).

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