Monday, February 6, 2012

Love and Rockets Links: 2/6

Tom Spurgeon reported recently on the triumphant return of two much missed former founders of Fantagraphics Books to the company: Mike Catron and Preston (Don't-Call-Him-Peppy) White. Mike Catron was an original co-conspirator on THE NOSTALGIA (COMICS) JOURNAL, and for readers of this site Preston White is credited with color separations for the iconic cover of the first issue of LOVE AND ROCKETS (as well as Production work on the issue). FlogBlog also announces the hirings here.
There were many birthday wishes for Gilbert on the web last Wednesday, this one by Sterg Botzakis doubles as a good capsule biography of the artist.
We try not to repeat news from FlogBlog, but they got a real scoop on the guest list of APE 2012. The San Francisco show will feature all three Hernandez brothers (well, there's more, but the ones that do comics!) in connection with their Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary tour. Sounds like a good Fall weekend for you northern California fans to get all your Los Bros 2012 releases signed.
The Secret of My Success: Ed Brubaker reveals his inspiration back in his LOWLIFE days.
twitter: @freenezwandring has just discovered Gilbert
twitter: @JorgeJaramilloV tweet links to a review of SLOTH in spanish
twitter: @RoxannneYvonne expresses her feelings for Gilbert
twitter: I don't know what this says, but she seems to have good taste in comics
twitter: facebook has destroyed Ed Choy Moorman's life
twitter: not sure what this refers to, which means I'm either hopelessly out of touch with reality or it's about a DC comic
twitter: Cartoon Art Museum announces an exhibit in conjuction with the Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary this Fall. (the link is to facebook and may not work, by the way)
twitter: @GCDcomics tweet links to their gallery of Gilbert Hernandez covers in honor of his birthday. highly recommended!
twitter: I love this Sonia Harris description of Gilbert's BIRDLAND
twitter: we always support funny fake news about Los Bros
twitter: David Hine goes back to the eighties and RENEGADE ROMANCE #2
twitter: it's in French and it's got something to do with LOVE AND ROCKETS
twitter: Las Hermanas Hernandez???
twitter: Octavio Beares tweet links to his review of the LaCupula edition of Jaime's THE GHOST OF HOPPERS (nice repro of the cover to the LaCupula book)
twitter: Amazon new listing of Gilbert's forthcoming MEASLES collection THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS
ebay: I don't have any experience with this seller, but look at that stack of LOVE AND ROCKETS from when I first started buying the title
ebay: rare bookplate by Jaime

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