Monday, September 14, 2009

Love and Rockets Curiosities #5

Everyone's come across it at one time or another, searching on the internet for a certain phrase can lead one to something for which they really weren't looking. My Google Alert for "Love and Rockets" came back with a little item about an Australian "nightclub" called Love and Rockets. I put nightclub in quotes because, curiosity killing the cat (or blogger), when I did a search of "love and rockets" and "brisbane" together this is what I came back with (this link is probably NSFW, though I didn't go past the intro page):

The homepage for a Brisbane, Australia gentleman's club, if you will, named after our favorite comic book series, deliberately or by unfortunate coincidence, I don't know.

Reviews of the two locations with addresses and maps can be found here and here. A quote from one of the reviews reads, "with a design drawing from the Enterprise and a luxury 70s lounge..."

If you want to see what the place looks like here's a PG-13 rated slideshow (still NSFW).

There's not anything else I can add beyond pointing out it's existence...

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