Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love and Rockets Links Galore

*Jaime Hernandez had a signing at Skylight Books in Los Angeles today, check out the store website.

*Jaime Hernandez, Lalo Alcaraz, Keith Knight, and Marv Wolfman appear on the panel discussion "Adult Writing Seminar Series: Comics" moderated by Salvador Plascencia (author of THE PEOPLE OF PAPER and visiting professor at UC Davis. The panel takes place 9/22 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at 826LA East, 1714 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, CA 90026. ph#213-413-3388.

*Graphic Novel Club of Tacoma, Washington invites those interested in grapic novels to discuss Gilbert Hernandez's HEARTBREAK SOUP. Takes place 9/14 at TenTwentyTwo South Lounge, 1022 S. J St., ph#253-627-8588. call for time, must be 21 to attend. [via Michael Swan's "The Latest Word"]

*Alexander Chee (award-winning author of EDINBURGH) lists in the sidebar of his blog--"the complete body of work by Los Bros Hernandez (Love and Rockets)"--among his favorite books.

*Webcomics cartoonist Michael Cho lists Noel Sickles, Roy Crane, and Jaime Hernandez as artistic influences in this interview. Nice company to put Jaime in, and Mr. Cho is a fine cartoonist himself.

* is where you can find a review of CITIZEN REX #1 by Andrew Salmond

*One of my favorite writers on comics, Jeet Heer, reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 at Robot 6. He also mentions CITIZEN REX at the end of his review.

*"Full Spectrum Comics" by SAN ANTONIO CURRENT columnist Patricia Portales has a review of Fredrick Luis Aldama's YOUR BRAIN ON LATINO COMICS: FROM GUSS ARRIOLA TO LOS BROS HERNANDEZ (University of Texas Press, 2009). The article is illustrated with the cover to LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 1 and mentions the Hernandez Brothers several times.

*An essay by David Turgeon from 2006, "Poison River and the Vertiginous Ellipsis" has been newly translated by Derik Badman at: , it analyzes Gilbert Hernandez's narrative techniques in his most dense graphic novel, POISON RIVER.

*Marc Mason reviews LOCAS II and LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 in the comics waiting room.

Jog reviews LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 and reveals how THE COMICS JOURNAL reached 300 issues by accepting paid advertisements from mysterious organizations! Bet you want to look.

*whereweather returns with a loooong review trying to make sense of all the twists and turns in LUBA: THE BOOK OF OPHELIA the middle part of Gilbert's post-Palomar saga.

*Matthew Weinberger lists "50 comics facts about the Class of 2013" including:

41. There's always been a comic called LOVE AND ROCKETS.
*Podcast preview of the weeks comics releases when CITIZEN REX 2 was released:

*More from the folks at ifanboy, this time with comments on CITIZEN REX 2.

*Chris Mautner mentions LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 in previews of titles arriving on 9/10.

*The Inkwell Bookstore blog enthusiastically announces the arrival of LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2 right here.

*Alex Carr in his "Graphic Novel Friday" column offers yet another reaction to the "Guide to Geekery" feature on How to Read Love and Rockets:

*Douglas Wolk reads Gilbert Hernandez's LUBA hardcover while on vacation at Burning Man. Read what the reviewer does while not reviewing comics.

[some of the above via FlogBlog]

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