Monday, October 12, 2009

Love and Rockets Curiosities #6

I've seen a lot of foreign editions of LOVE AND ROCKETS while scrolling through ebay or Amazon, usually spanish or french-language reprints by local publishing houses. However, I have to admit being suprised that LOVE AND ROCKETS fame has spread as far afield as Africa. Capetown, South Africa, to be exact. Bid or Buy (yeah, BOB for short!) is "Africa's Largest Online Marketplace." They have a Capetown seller who had a hardcover LUBA volume for sale, although it had a different cover than the Fantagraphics edition (the cover was a montage of faces, rather than a single figure of Luba). Here's the address to the sale page, although the auction has expired already:

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  1. Hi, this cover was just an advance pic for the solicitation. Back then it was used all over the place (amazon...) before it got changed to the final layout. I guess the seller just used the advance pic instead of the actual one.