Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love and Rockets Links Old and New: Part 3



Chris Arrant interviews Vito Delsante (co-creator of the since-cancelled graphic novel FCHS) who lists Jaime's "Locas" stories as an influence.

Molly Young of We Love You So crushes on LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 1 and the Hernandez Brothers, in general.

A long time ago there was a huge posting of Jaime Hernandez rarities (including that SILVERHEELS 3 color story I've been looking for forever). I've got two addresses that you may be able to find this at, try here or here.

Brad Curran has unnatural attractions to a certain Love and Rockets mechanic, go look.

Erik's "now reading" sidebar is LOVE AND ROCKETS 2 (includes front cover). See previous link.

London, England's Gosh! Comics store blog talks about LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 2 and CITIZEN REX 3.

Douglas Wolk recommends CITIZEN REX 3 (and crushes on LUBA) in his "Don't Ask! Just Buy It!" column.

Rocco Nigro at Trouble With Comics lists "Six Greats Comics of 2009" with #5 being CITIZEN REX 1. Geoff Grogan, same place, lists "Six Comics I happened to read in 2009 that I liked very much" including LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES 2, and "Six graphic novels I read in 2009 that I liked a good deal" citing LUBA and LOCAS II hardcovers.

Kiel Phegley interviews Jhonen Vasquez on his STRANGE TALES 2 contribution, wherein he reveals LOVE AND ROCKETS as an early influence (and mentions Gilbert's SLOTH as among the books he owns but hasn't read).

Wellington, New Zealand band "Kittentank" lead singer Frank Eggleton says the band's name was taken from "a graphic novel called LOVE AND ROCKETS."

On the Covered blog artist KG does a very nicely stylized version of Gilbert's classic Palomar statue cover from the original series LOVE AND ROCKETS 23.

Mike Sterling shows appreciation to both Gilbert and Jaime on his Progressive Ruin blog.

Gilbert Hernandez crushes on Scott Allie and Kevin McGovern's Dark Horse graphic novel EXURBIA. The link will take you to the press release with Gilbert's pull-quote, a preview, and another link for online ordering if you're so inclined.

some links via Flog Blog, Journalista, Savage Critics, and Comics Reporter

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