Friday, May 7, 2010

Love and Rockets Links Monster-Sized: Crush

Here we go with another marathon round of old and new links, first up praise, influences, recommendations, and dubious mentions:

Thom Buchanan crushes on Jaime's version of Supergirl.

Sean R. Corbin is writing a sestina based on Jaime's "La Blanca" story, and has a cat sort of named after his favorite L&R character: Maggie.

"Maggie & Hopey" essay by Candise Branum.

Jamie S. Rich links to a Jaime story and unleashes a crush thread.

Jon Abrams crushes on Jaime in the essay, "That's Right, I Said Comics Issue #11."

U.K. cartoonist Dave Shelton (GOOD DOG, BAD DOG) mentions Jaime among artists that "excite" him.

Evan Dorkin mentions Jaime and Gilbert among his favorite cartoonists in a TCAF-related interview.

Heidi MacDonald spotlights the (then) upcoming THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ, with a nice comment thread following.

Will Hines recommends THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ, as well.

Mike (Missoula, MT) has THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ on his reading list.

Danyel Chapman has LOCAS II hardcover on the "to-read" list.

Anthony M. Napoli (Brooklyn Beat) lists SLOTH and LUBA hardcovers on his current reading list.

FCHS artist Rachel "Ronnie" Friere is profiled, her Jaime Hernandez influence is pointed out.

Chris Wisnia recalls meeting, and being inspired by, Gilbert at the 2002 San Diego Comicon. He mentions buying a mini-comic from Gilbert titled CRIME-STOPPERS OF AMERICA VOL. 1.

Dean Haspiel mentions (in an interview by Chris Beckett) that he read LOVE AND ROCKETS in the 1980s.

Stephanie is moved by "the comics of Jaime Hernandez."

Rob Imes (DITKOMANIA, editor) comments on Dave Sim mentions in THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ, and places Jaime Hernandez in his "Top 5 comics creators of all time."

Claudio Yuga (in Portugese) on LOVE AND ROCKETS (or, Amor e Foguetes).

Frank Santoro reminisces about MOCCA 2010 and sends some art-envy Jaime's way.

Musician Jeffrey Lewis crushes on the comic LOVE AND ROCKETS.

David P. Welsh recommends Gilbert's PALOMAR stories, again.

Jamie P. lists Jaime Hernandez among his influences.

Peter Crane mentions Gilbert's work on the original LOVE AND ROCKETS series, in passing, in the middle of a long essay on Dave Sim and CEREBUS.

Jonah Westbrook comments on Jaime.

Scott Eder: Gene Kogan reports on the "Hotwire Vol. 3" exhibit at the Scott Eder Gallery, along with a profile of Scott Eder mentioning he has Jaime Hernandez original art in his personal collection.

Matt Fraction crushes on Gilbert and Jaime in an interview at Sega blog.

Update 5/10: Sherm Cohen read LOVE AND ROCKETS in the early eighties while attending the Joe Kubert School.

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