Friday, May 14, 2010

Love and Rockets Links Monster-Sized: Events

Gilbert at Napoli Comicon 2010. Photographer unknown. via
silksreen print image (c) 2010 Gilbert Hernandez. via

*Chris Estey writes a hilarious description of Gilbert in anticipation of his appearance at the Emerald City Comicon 2010
*Gavin Lees reports on Emerald City Comicon 2010 (3/13-3/14) for, including Gilbert and family appearing to support HIGH SOFT LISP release. via comicsreporter
*Gavin Lees photo of Carol, daughter, and Gilbert Hernandez sitting together at Emerald City Comicon 2010. via comicsreporter
*Stephanie Hayes photo of Gary Groth and Gilbert at Emerald City Comicon 2010. via FlogBlog
*Larry Reid reports on "High Soft Lisp" art exhibition and book signing with Gilbert Hernandez at Fantagraphics Books Store & Gallery as part of 3/13 "Art Attack" events in Seattle, see poster above
*Jonas Seamen posts 25 photos from Gilbert's signing at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery 3/13. via FlogBlog
*Fantagraphics Books posts 32 photos from Gilbert's appearance at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery 3/13. via FlogBlog

*Press Release for Jaime and Todd Hignite's 4/9 signing at Jim Hanley's Universe
*Arambulo posts one two photos of Jaime from his signing (w/Todd Hignite) at Jim Hanley's Universe (4/9), Vito Delsante is seen interviewing Jaime in the latter picture
*rhythmbandit posts a couple of Jaime "Maggie" pages in honor of meeting the artist at his Jim Hanley's Universe signing, a comment in the following thread from meatwhichdreams describes meeting Jaime at MOCCA 2010.
*Abrams Comicarts press release on panels and book signings for MOCCA 2010
*Excellent MOCCA 2010 report by Gil Roth, in line by Marc Sobel to see Jaime. Photo of Jaime at top of post. via comicsreporter
*Marc Sobel goes to MOCCA 2010 and meets Jaime, and even found a copy of SILVERHEELS 3 with that rare color Jaime backup story. Yes, I'm jealous.
*Geoff Grogan reports across the aisle from Jaime and his enormous line at MOCCA 2010
*Colin Panetta comments on "The Art of the Superhero" panel Jaime participated in at MOCCA 2010. via comicreporter
*Michel Fiffe writes on talking to Jaime at MOCCA 2010, attending his panel appearance, and meeting Marc Sobel. Michel posts Jaime's contribution to STRIPAIDS USA, as well. via comicsreporter
*C. Edwards reports on "The Art of the Superhero" panel Jaime participated in at MOCCA 2010. via comicsreporter
*Tom Spurgeon deflates "The Art of the Superhero" panel at MOCCA 2010 (I agree with him on this, after reading the panel transcript). via comicsreporter

*My favorite photo from MOCCA 2010 has Jaime apparently playing a heated game of "rock-paper-scissors" with Miss Lasko-Gross.
*Mike Baehr takes 10 photos of Jaime at MOCCA 2010
*Arambulo posts photos of Jaime signing at MOCCA 2010. via comicsreporter
*bh123 posts several photos of Jaime from MOCCA 2010, including one with (I swear) Gary Groth smiling. via comicsreporter
*Two photos of Jaime signing at the Fantagraphics table while at MOCCA 2010. one, two.
*Virtual Memorist posts two photos of Jaime at MOCCA 2010: one of him drawing Beautiful Dreamer that Gil Roth wrote about and the other of him drawing Hopey. via comicsreporter
*Seth Kushner posts photos from MOCCA 2010 including several of Jaime (in group and portrait)
*Seth Kushner posts two more photos of Jaime at MOCCA 2010.
*Brian Heater two photos (also here) of Jaime and other "Art of the Superhero" panelists. via comicsreporter

*David Mazzucchelli wins L.A. Times Festival of Books "Graphic Novel" Prize over Gilbert's LUBA. Article here.

*Gilbert signing at New York City's MIDTOWN COMICS on April 24. press release here
MIDTOWN COMICS website photos of Gilbert and daughter at their April 24 signing. (no permalink so you'll have to scroll down to find the photos)
*Photos from Gilbert and daughter's MIDTOWN COMICS signing posted by blueneurosis. one, two, three.

*Carolyn Kellogg reports on FAMILY BOOKSTORE signing with Jaime, Todd Hignite, and Jordan Crane. May 4 at 7:oopm.
*Jason Chen plugs Jaime's FAMILY BOOKSTORE signing at the fashion blog "The GQ Eye"
*Jaime, Todd Hignite, and Jordan Crane signing at FAMILY (Los Angeles, CA) May 4 at 7:00pm.
5/18 Update: Lilliam Rivera ( reports on Jaime's FAMILY signing, includes several photos

*Press release for Jaime and Todd Hignite signing at VROMAN'S BOOKSTORE May 5.
*Jaime and Todd Hignite signing at VROMAN'S BOOKSTORE (Pasadena, CA) May 5 at 7:00pm.

*Gilbert guest at Napoli Comicon 2010. via twitter
*NAPOLI COMICON 2010: Italian-language homepage, or pdf in English of convention events
5/18 Update: "Adventurist Cartoonists & Far Out Comics" show at FAMILY bookstore at 5:00pm on 5/30. Jaime will present the 1949 Joseph L. Mankiewicz film "A Letter to Three Wives," followed by a Q&A on the movie moderated by Sammy Harkham (Kramers Ergot).

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