Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love and Rockets Mini-Links

I've been working for two weeks on the latest Link Dump, and thought a teaser might buy me a little time to sort out two months worth of Hernandez awesomity.

Next big thing link:
The L.A. TIMES BOOK PRIZE "Graphic Novel" category winner will be announced this Friday (4-23), according to this report by Callie Miller. The nominees are also listed:
1) LUBA hardcover Gilbert Hernandez
2) GOGO MONSTER Taiyo Matsumoto
3) ASTERIOS POLYP David Mazzucchelli
4) SCOTT PILGRIM Volume 5 Bryan Lee O'Malley

Smackdown spotlight links:
Tim Hodler reviews THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ by Todd Hignite, and the greatest comment thread in the history of the Fantagraphics Production crew ensues. Jacob Covey and Adam Grano (co-workers of TAOJH book designer Jordan Crane), Fantagraphics Co-Publisher Kim Thompson, and Abrams ComicArts executive editor Charlie Kochman, and a cast of dozens discuss design in comics-themed books in more depth than ever thought possible. Fascinating discussion by some folks you don't usually hear from.

Marc Sobel responds at "Trouble With Comics" to Tim Holder's article. I like Marc's efforts on the Hernandez Brothers, and with THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ now released to the general public it seems like a good time to revisit this discussion.

Speaking-of-Jordan-Crane link:
Jordan Crane posted the first portion of Jaime's 2002 mini-comic DEATH TALES 1, the rest is to be posted 4-28. This looks to be a limited edition comic from San Diego Comicon, or some similar event.

Calling All Academics link:
Gene Kannenberg reports on a call for papers from guest editors Christopher Gonzalez and Derek Parker Royal for a special Hernandez Brothers tribute issue of the publication "ImageTexT."

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  1. Thanks for the link, Gary. BTW, your article on L&R 1979-1982 was excellent, and very helpful for me in my research, as I didn't have access to some of those old Journal articles. Thanks for posting it!