Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Books from the Hernandez Brothers

Hello, sorry for the long lapses between posts, family matters and a lack of cat pictures to fill up space all contributed.
All of Jaime and Gilbert's books that we have been waiting patiently for have been released in the last few weeks (and a suprise from Gilbert and Homer):

PENNY CENTURY publisher page

HIGH-SOFT LISP publishers page


BART SIMPSON 52 mycomicshop.com page

I'm leaning toward buying the first three in a package deal from amazon.com for a little over $50, here's a link to one of the books for sale on amazon that lists the deal.
We had a question from Matt in the comments section quite a while back that I will try to answer now: "I'm trying to figure out if I should get LOCAS II of PENNY CENTURY or both. Any idea what the difference is between the two collections?"
Remember that those great hardcovers like LOCAS and LOCAS II do not reprint every strip by Jaime from LOVE AND ROCKETS Volumes One and Two. If you aren't picky about that I would recommend the hardcover LOCAS II, as it reprints all under one cover most of LOCAS IN LOVE, DICKS AND DEEDEES, GHOST OF HOPPERS, and THE EDUCATION OF HOPEY GLASS. The softcover PENNY CENTURY volume will include the WHOA NELLIE graphic novel that does not appear in LOCAS II, and the eventual follow-up to this volume will include the rest of the stories appearing in LOCAS II. I'm also thinking that "La Maggie la Loca" and "Gold Diggers of 1969" from LOVE AND ROCKETS Volume Two #20 are not in the LOCAS II hardcover.
This is all vaguely confusing, so here are links to the contents pages of the two books so you will be able to see side by side which stories are in which book (you might have to click on "table of contents" in the "look inside" feature of these two sales pages):
PENNY CENTURY title page
LOCAS II title page one/page two

All artwork (c)2010 Jaime Hernandez or Gilbert Hernandez

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  1. Thanks for the response! My follow-up question is do you know anything about what further TPBs they plan to release and when? I would assume the next one will be Palomar vol. 4. Have you heard anything further about these?