Friday, November 18, 2011

New and Upcoming Jaime and Gilbert Books

LOVE AND ROCKETS LIBRARY: THE LOCAS COLLECTION is a boxed set of five 7.5 x 9.25 inch collections of Jaime's work from "Love and Rockets Volume One and Two" "Penny Century" and "Whoa Nellie." A great way to quickly access most of Jaime's Locas stories, on sale by the way.
THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS (June 2012, Fantagraphics Spring/Summer distributor catalog) reprints all the previously uncollected "Venus" stories from Gilbert's late, lamented "Measles" anthology. Includes a new "Venus" story. 104 page 7 x 7 inch hardcover.
GOD AND SCIENCE: RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS (July 2012, Fantagraphics Spring/Summer distributor catalog) reprints the "Ti-Girls" stories from "Love and Rockets New Stories 1 + 2" as well as an astonishing 30-new pages of stories and covers. 144 page full-size hardcover.
FBI-MINI #4 "Before Love and Rockets" (available now) is a premium mini-comic you can request when ordering any "Love and Rockets" book. It contains several late 70s/1980 era posters by Jaime and an "Inez" story by Gilbert, originally published in "Love and Rockets Sketchbook Volume 1." (from THE FANTAGRAPHICS ULTIMATE CATALOG OF COMICS Winter 2012)

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  1. Thanks for plugging our upcoming L&R publications! One note to clarify: The L&R Library Locas Collection is not a boxed set, just a set of the 5 individual volumes offered together at a discount.