Monday, November 28, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 11/28

exhibition: Giant Robot's seventh annual "Post its" show again features a contribution by Jaime. Show runs 12-10 through 12-29.
essay: Derek A Badman ponders "What Makes a Comic Great?" and includes Jaime's "Locas" as one general example at the end.
illustration: silez + ukuk, on tumblr, post an amazing full-figure woman wrestler drawing by Jaime.
influences: comics alliance has a portfolio of work by Adam Huntley who cites Jaime as an influence.
lists: Michael Cavna @ The Washington Post calls for nominations for the best comics of 2011, he mentions LRNS#4 as an example.
tumblr: Dry The Rain (liz velrene?) posts a very early Love and Rockets Volume 1 cover, which is loved by many, many others on the net.
academia: "Comics and Graphic Storytelling: A Sample Syllabus" by Harry Jenkins, includes "Heartbreak Soup" and "100 Rooms" as course work.
original art: Albert Moy displays some nice early Volume 1 pages by Gilbert.
original art: So, page one of Gilbert's "Heartbreak Soup" is on display above, while here we have Scott Eder on eBay selling page 17! Check out the never before published page on the back of the original art.
ebay: I've never seen this Maggie & Hopey t-shirt before, very cool and color too.
twitter: Kathryn tweet review of Jaime's contribution to CBGB
twitter: Salma tweet review of Jaime's Maggie the Mechanic chub collection
twitter: PAblo Uatu links to a post of the Jaime cd cover "Flaming Burnout: An Estrus Benefit"
twitter: Chan Clementine, a Brit Love and Rockets fan evidently, enthuses about The Art of Jaime Hernandez.
twitter: Chan Clementine doesn't know who Jaime is but likes his art anyway, I've been there also about 25 years ago.
twitter: Doctor Comics links to an academic essay by Tony Venezia "California Gothic: Jaime Hernandez's Ghost of Hoppers."
twitter: Alex Segura (Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing for Archie Comics) links to his posting of the covers to Love and Rockets Volume 1 1-9.
twitter: Johnny Gabes hates Gilbert's "Scarlet by Starlight" in LRNS#4. Go for it!
twitter: Jeff Newelt recommends Gilbert's YEAH! collection.

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