Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love and Rockets Links: 12/6

gossip: Michael Dooley reports on the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and reveals where Jaime shops for comics.
gossip: Jamie McKelvie tweets that Jaime Hernandez is left-handed.
biography: NationMaster page on Gilbert Hernandez (interesting, but don't click any links).
not Jaime: But wouldn't it be cool if Jaime was the best comic book artist AND polka musician.
twitter: Jerry G tweet reviews that PALOMAR hardcover.
twitter: Lindsey Denmark tweet buys that chub HEARTBREAK SOUP collection.
twitter: Nicolas Pillai tweet buys the same, for a good reason.
twitter: Tor Ame Hegna comments on PW description of Gilbert. I, personally, think Gilbert Hernandez is the Gilbert Hernandez of comics, completely unique in every way.
twitter: Mark Frauenfelder tweet links (twinks?) to a Jordan Crane print of the cover to LOVE AND ROCKETS V1#24, or he would have if the link worked.
twitter: Gibson Twist shout out to artistic influences Evan Dorkin, Jaime, and Dan DeCarlo.
twitter: I just wanted to type @theseantcollins, though this tweet does reference Jaime.
twitter: Dustin Falconer and Sean T. Collins are having the sort of conversation you only used to be able to overhear at a comic book shop.
twitter: Salvador Munoz links to Jaime's illustrations for the Criterion dvd DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE.
twitter: Chris Doherty links to another Jordan Crane post of Jaime's work this time that "Ghoul Man" mini-comic.

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