Monday, August 24, 2009

Hernandez Brothers Links and Beyond

These three sites list CITIZEN REX 2 as being released on August 26th, although that's still not a guarantee you'll see it when you go to the comics store this Wednesday.

Two of the best reviews of Love and Rockets of recent vintage come from Chris Mautner at Robot 6 who answers Leonard Pierce's "Gateway to Geekery" essay (7/23/09) on entry points to LOVE AND ROCKETS with his own introduction to the world of L&R in his new column, Comics 101.

The second is the first review I've seen of LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 2, the yet-to-be-released second volume of the newest L&R iteration, it's quite in-depth and well-written by Rob Clough. Lots of information with frank assessments of the quality of the Los Bros current work, this used to be the kind of review you could only find in THE COMICS JOURNAL. It's nice to see these folks and many others carrying on that tradition on the internet, blogosphere, or wherever else they may be (including TCJ, of course). [these last two are via FlogBlog]

There have been a number of short reviews of CITIZEN REX 1:
Paul O'Brien at:
Unknown blogger at:
Ian at:

A review of the LUBA hardcover can be found at:

My favorite feature of Tom Spurgeon's is his interactive "Five for Friday" feature (which often mentions Jaime or Gilbert Hernandez). I'd like to single out a recent segment devoted to comics that should be made into Broadway Musicals, this was suggested by columnist David P. Welsh and discussed on his blog. One of his suggestions was Gilbert Hernandez's "Palomar" stories. What an original idea, I certainly agree (in so much as I wouldn't exactly want to go watch it) there are many qualities in Gilbert's series that would adapt themselves to that unique format.

A thorough and welcome review of LOCAS IN LOVE, the out-of-print volume in the larger-size editions of LOVE AND ROCKETS reprints, recently appeared in livejournal by whereweather. This is the only book of the original series of reprints that I have never seen, so it was a real surprise to find such a detailed examination. Most of these stories can be found in the recently released LOCAS II hardcover. However, I think I'll wait until Fantagraphics decides to put this version back in print, whether in this format or their smaller reprint paperbacks. (hint, hint)

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