Monday, August 31, 2009

Love and Rockets Curiosities #4

Ever wonder what the original 32-page self-published version of LOVE AND ROCKETS 1 looked like? I'd thought this obscure comic incredibly rare but there are currently two copies on ebay stores from two well-respected comic book stores.

Comics and Comix has the front cover by Gilbert of his B.E.M. character and the back cover by Jaime with his Hopey, Maggie, and Penny Century characters instantly recognizable posted on their sale page. They also post the introduction from the inside front cover. Check out these great images while they last at:

Amazingly enough, Mile High Comics has another copy of this comic on "buy it now" status, as well. The item number is: 370243284395.

I have a longer essay planned for the future inspired by this find. Stay tuned...

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