Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Social Networking and Love and Rockets

People are a lot more accessible now than they were when LOVE AND ROCKETS started publication, not even e-mail or cellphones were around back then. Nowadays, Facebook and MySpace can bring you more information about your friends, family, or even your favorite cartoonists.

LOVE AND ROCKETS has a very well-done, frequently updated page on Facebook. Aside from frequent updates on the Hernandez Brothers activities and publications, there are many photo and image "albums." Four of particular interest are titled:
  1. Love and Rockets-The Hernandez Brother's Photos-Early Days of L&R (3/1)
  2. Love and Rockets-The Hernandez Brother's Photos-Sketches from the early 80s (18)
  3. Love and Rockets-The Hernandez Brother's Photos-Original Art (14)
  4. Love and Rockets-The Hernandez Brother's Photos-Comic Con 2009 (8)

There are 1,847 "fans" on this page so it seems like a lot of people are getting their L&R information from here. I'm not sure of the intricacies of Facebook, but the following two addresses will bring up the same page:



Gilbert Hernandez has had two stories published in the MySpace version of DARK HORSE PRESENTS. Chris Beckett's detailed article on the history of this project including his interview with editor Scott Allie can be found here, this also includes a direct link to the online comic's page where both of Gilbert's stories can be found.

There are many groups and communities on the internet, one such devoted to LOVE AND ROCKETS is "The Love and Rockets Community" at http://community.livejournal.com/loverockets/profile . This group was created on 12/5/2001 and currently has 107 members (and is "watched by" another 89), the group is moderated/ maintaned by "lalenfay." Google, Yahoo, and various posting sites (like Flickr.com) also have groups, so a future post will be in order if I turn up any more LOVE AND ROCKETS communities.

Jaime Hernandez's wife, Meg, has an excellent blog which has pet photos, food photos, family goings-on, some private drawings by Jaime, and occasional candid photos of the artist himself. Two of my favorites being, August 8 "1979 or thereabouts" and August 16 "Chores?" This is a relatively normal family-type blog, and it's a fun opportunity to see a different side of the man behind Hopey and Maggie.

Finally, all three of the Hernandez Brothers have e-mail addresses, but I will not be printing them in this blog, sorry. Buy any of the later issues of LOVE AND ROCKETS VOL. II and you can find their then-current e-mail addresses on the letters pages.

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