Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hernandez Brothers Links Roundup

The biggest news since last week is reporting that Gilbert's "Papa" story from LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES 1 was chosen by Charles Burns to be in THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2009 anthology. TBAC2009 is again sheparded by series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, this year's guest editor is the aforementioned Charles Burns (Skin Deep, Big Baby, El Borbah, Black Hole, etc.). Those interested in the criteria for submissions to this anthology can check out this older page for a lot of background information on how the series editors work with the guest editor and publishers. Charles Burns talks about his childhood and early comics influences in this fascinating interview, some of his talk of the impact of "violent" images in his early comics reading may have something to do with his choice of Gilbert's story with it's violent scenes (or, maybe not! a fun viewing experience in any case). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will release the 352-page anthology on October 8th.

Reviews of LOCAS II: MAGGIE, HOPEY, AND RAY are starting to turn up. Jon at the Star Clipper (St. Louis, MO) blog, Jog, and Douglas Wolk all discuss the book at varying lengths. Jog also had a short comment on CITIZEN REX just before it's release last month.

Kelly Thompson, a graduate of The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), listed on the blog 1979semifinalist her 100 top comics covers, among mostly superhero/vertigo covers are four classics from LOVE AND ROCKETS(original series): 1(ranked #7 overall) by Jaime; 5(#30) by Jaime; 23(#32) by Gilbert; and 31(#39) by Jaime. Nice clear scans of all covers, beautiful stuff. Look here: [also follow link to part IV] [via FlogBlog].

The old news of Jaime's iGoogle Theme page came from Scott McCloud's blog or somesuch, here is a direct link for your Google Home page decorated with Jaime art (if I had a G home page this is what it would look like): .

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